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Let’s kick this off with a little summary of what you are about to experience. The ever so lovely G, of Saturday on Wednesday, and I have come together in collaboration to bring you this new little segment, sharing our combined thoughts and opinions on one brand, comparing our experiences, thus giving you a more in depth review. We’ve had some fun putting this together, so we both really hope that you enjoy this! I hope you do at least, because I would love to do more of this!

To begin our collaboration, G and I have opted to discuss a drug store brand that most of you will be very familiar with, Makeup Revolution. From what I know of this brand, they’re known for one very big thing, being cheap. Sometimes cheap is wonderful, when you can find a bargain product that’s worth so much more than you paid… On the other hand though, cheap can sometimes be… well, cheap. Simply cheap products in cheap packaging, with a cheap finish.

We have both been out and got ourselves a small collection of items to compare and review, exploring how these products may differ on our skin types and how they could potentially fit into our makeup routines. In order for this collaboration to be easy for you to follow and understand, I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you, and G will be sharing hers, and you can read them both and compare them if you so wish!

Before I get into sharing my thoughts on these products with you, I’m going to give you a little overview of our ‘profiles’, basically our skin type, personal preferences etc. I’ve put these together as a pretty little table, for your viewing pleasure!


The products that we picked up were the Flawless Eyeshadow Palette, Rose Gold Lipsticks, Golden Sugar 2 Blush Palette and Inner Eye Brightener Eye Pencil. All of these products both looked and sounded like they would be wonderful, but the proof is in the palette. Shall we dive in and discover whether these products are actually any good or not? Sounds like a good idea to me!


We have decided that rather than providing one overall opinion, in order to provide you with all of our knowledge, we have discussed each individual aspect of the products, such as the pigmentation, the durability, the versatility and so on. Let’s start with the Flawless Eyeshadow Palette.


Pigment Very impressive, for the price you’re paying. This is undeniably a cheap eyeshadow palette, but the pigmentation of these shadows is better than some more expensive palettes I have. By no means are these perfect, the darker shades of course struggle to deliver, but by using a decent primer and building these up you can get that pigmentation. I’m actually impressed.
Fallout Not excessive, it’s there, you’ve got to brush it off, but I don’t think I’ve encountered any palette with no fallout. Again, impressive.
Shade Range Thoroughly impressive for the price. 36 colours, for a ridiculously little amount of money (£8?). Nice range of mattes and shimmers, able to create hundreds of combinations easily. Lots of possibilities with this.
Application/Blendability I would say that these have a lovely buttery consistency and blend really quite well. If you compare to a higher end palette then obviously it’s not as good, but for what you pay I’m sure you can blend for an extra 10 seconds.
Durability Surprisingly good. I have a desk job, and I can put these on at 6am and go home at 5pm looking decent.
Versatility Lots of shades for lots of occasions. The lighter shades also work really well as highlighters.
Mattes Decent. For their price, you can’t really go wrong.
Shimmers Shimmery. Some shades are more gracefully shimmer than others, the odd few look a bit chunky, but not bad.
Overall I really like this palette. I actually own four of the MUR Flawless palettes and I really enjoy them all. I would say that undoubtedly these are the best eyeshadow palettes in their price range, and if you’re on a budget I would recommend these all the way.

Next up, let’s see what’s going on with the Rose Gold Lipstick. G and I picked up differing shades of this, in order to see if the different colours affected the formula of the lipstick, so if you want to find that out, you know where to find G’s thoughts and opinions! (here). I picked up the bright red lipstick of the collection, and G picked up the vampy purple shade.

I have included a photo of this on my lips to give you a more accurate idea of the way this looks.

Pigment Strong, if you’re applying it to a perfectly even base, like a slab of concrete or something.
Colour I got the bright red one, because my collection lacks bright reds. My collection remains lacking bright reds, as this one mysteriously ended up in the bin.
Finish Oily, wet, slippery, gross.
Application See above.
Durability I kept this on for roughly 40 seconds before being uncontrollably uncomfortable and removing it.
Versatility Use it to write on mirrors in public bathrooms whilst it’s smeared all over your face. That’s the only way this will make you look good, going for that rebellious look.
Overall I don’t care if it was cheap, it’s a waste of money. This was easily the WORST lip product I have ever used. I would rather use one of those crappy children lipsticks you get in girly kids magazines, quite literally. My 3 year old sister has better lipstick.

The Inner Eye Brightener sounded like a great idea to G and I, we were both expecting this to deliver something new to our makeup routines and brighten up our eyes, as the name would suggest! Let’s see if this delivers what it’s name suggests. As before, to see what G made of this, click here! I wonder if she found it any different.

Pigment It’s got some, somewhere, sort of.
Colour A bit like an orange that’s been sun bleached?
Application Okay, it goes on but….
Durability … it doesn’t stay on, so it’s pointless. Literally this lasts for about a minute and it’s disappeared into nothing.
Versatility I guess you would write on a chalkboard with it, maybe.
Overall Byeeeeeeee.

Finally, let’s see what we made of the Rose Gold Blush Palette. This is seemingly good value for money as you get 8 shades in here, but the real value is in the product, not the quantity, so let’s see how this one goes. As G and I have slightly differing preferences, she may have found this completely different to me, go and find out here!

I have included some watches of these in daylight, which admittedly are really pretty! This gives me high hopes for the palette, as these swatches are gorgeous!

Pigment Definitely got some colour in some shades, and that definitely comes off on the skin. That is undeniable. The lighter one, nah.
Shades Light pink, yellow, orange, dark pink, unicorn shit, brown, brown. Also, glitter galore. There is a shade range, but for my skin tone, absolutely none of these can be worn as blush. The light pink one doesn’t show up on me. The rest are too dark. There is no middle ground here.
Application Shit. Want a stripe of glitter on your face, go for it. Doesn’t blend prettily at all.
Durability Decent I suppose, if you actually want to keep it on.
Versatility They do work as eyeshadows, if you want to go for really glittery glowing eyelids. I suppose, if I’m going to be kind to this palette at all, if you use a REALLY light hand you could maybe use some of these shades as highlight?
Overall Seems like more of a highlighter palette to me, as it’s so frickin’ glittery. As blushers, these are not functional for me. Maybe they suit other skin tones better, but this is a no go for me, and I have already arranged a new home for it with a friend of mine whom has a very different complexion.

Okay, so to conclude… Do we really need much of a conclusion? This was a huge disappointment. I have previously loved Makeup Revolution, I have thoroughly enjoyed a lot of their products, and some of them are my absolute all time favourites. My Duo Face Sculpt contour pan for example. That thing is my go to absolutely every day of my life. I am disappointed, and was expecting much more from this. But you live and you learn. So, the only decent product was the eyeshadow palette, and I suppose you can use the blush palette as a highlight palette if you fancy, but damn that shit is glittery.

Anyway, moving onwards and upwards! Both G and I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this collaboration, as we have both enjoyed making it. If you have liked it, please let us both know, as we would certainly be interested in doing something like this again in future, with hopefully a more successful brand!

Have you tried out any of these Makeup Revolution bits? What did you think of them? Or have you tried out any other bits from this brand that have been total fails or favourites? Let us know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

Now, if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom here and you haven’t yet seen G’s side of this collaborations, I suggest you do so now, by clicking right here. Her opinions are of great importance of course!



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