It’s that time of the month, Birchbox! This month’s Birchbox is a box of ‘never ending summer’ in collaboration with Millie Macintosh, and I suppose it would help if I knew anything about who she is….  Continue reading “BIRCHBOX #5 | JULY 2016”


It’s that time of the month again! This month’s Birchbox is a little box of sunshine, supposedly full of must-have products for any sunny day. Those sunny days are definitely appearing more and more now, so summer products are definitely welcome! Continue reading “BIRCHBOX #4 | JUNE 2016”

BIRCHBOX #3 | MAY 2016

Receiving my Birchbox has quickly become one of the highlights of my month. This months box, however, has been the best one so far, by a mile! I found so many great products in this little box of wonders.  Continue reading “BIRCHBOX #3 | MAY 2016”


I recently subscribed to Birchbox, and decided to blog the opening of the first box here, Birchbox #1. As that went down so well, I have decided to keep this going, and share with you all the contents of my second Birchbox, April 2016. Continue reading “BIRCHBOX #2 | APRIL 2016”


This month I decided to treat myself. Let’s be honest, I do that most months, but this month more so! I decided that after thinking about doing it for a while, that I would take the plunge and subscribe to Birchbox. I had seen people writing about these, but couldn’t decide if it was worth it or not… I now see it’s worth. Continue reading “BIRCHBOX #1 | MARCH 2016”

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