Any excuse to get back to my digital design work, I will. I love all things arty, if you didn’t know that already, and have been continuing to develop my digital graphics skills. Continue reading “WINTER WONDERLAND”


When I started this blog, I published mostly my creative digital work, and I hadn’t created anything fun recently, until today! If you weren’t aware, I work for a newspaper and magazine, The Racing Pigeon, in production. With christmas coming up, that means we’ve been getting some christmasy articles to put in the paper, and even some poems. Continue reading “BAUBLE BOARDER”


In my first welcome post, I made it quite obvious that this time of the year brings out the aspirational artist within me, and that is still very true. The colour of the trees, the colder weather, the wildlife and so on all make me want to create. It was with the changing seasons in mind that todays creation emerged. It makes me sad to say that autumn is basically over, and we’re falling deeper into winter, which means bye bye pretty leaves and toffee apples, and hello Christmas! So it’s not all bad. Continue reading “SEASONAL BIRDS”

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