My favourite time of the month has come around again, it’s time for Papergang! This is my sixth instalment of the adorable stationery subscription box from Ohh Deer, and this one was just marbelousContinue reading “PAPERGANG #6 | AUGUST 2016”



My second Papergang box arrived, and it’s pink! I am already in love with this subscription box, and was so excited for this months one to arrive. If you didn’t know, this is the stationery brand ‘Ohh Deer’s monthly box, and it’s amazing!  Continue reading “PAPERGANG #2 | APRIL 2016”


Anyone familiar with the stationery brand Ohh Deer will know that they recently released a monthly subscription box. This is the Papergang box, and it’s full of stationery, as you might have guessed! This excited me a lot, as I am a stationery enthusiast (I work in Paperchase, if you didn’t know) and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the first box! Continue reading “PAPERGANG #1 | MARCH 2016”


I am a lover of this whole Adult Colouring and colour therapy thing, it’s something that I have been really enjoying doing, quite regularly. It’s so relaxing, calming and therapeutic, I love everything about it. It probably also helps that I am a design and illustration enthusiast. Having studied graphic design in college, I still have an appreciation for all things artsy.  Continue reading “MILLIE MAROTTA’S WILD SAVANNAH”


Any excuse to get back to my digital design work, I will. I love all things arty, if you didn’t know that already, and have been continuing to develop my digital graphics skills. Continue reading “WINTER WONDERLAND”


If you didn’t already know, I have two jobs. One of these is a full time office based job, as a desktop publisher for The Racing Pigeon paper and magazine. The other is a part time retail job, as a sales assistant in Paperchase. The result of this is me being absolutely mad about stationery… Continue reading “STATIONERY MADNESS”


I saw these on pinterest, and desperately wanted to have a go at making them, and when is a better time to bake than in the run up to christmas? These little bites look so completely adorable, like a bite of magic!  Continue reading “FAIRY BITES”


When I started this blog, I published mostly my creative digital work, and I hadn’t created anything fun recently, until today! If you weren’t aware, I work for a newspaper and magazine, The Racing Pigeon, in production. With christmas coming up, that means we’ve been getting some christmasy articles to put in the paper, and even some poems. Continue reading “BAUBLE BOARDER”


I have been on an roll with making sugar scrubs recently, it was an idea that I saw on pinterest and have just gone with it. They’re ridiculously easy to make, and work absolute wonders, I’ve tried my fair share of scrubs, and these homemade ones honestly made my skin so soft, the benefits my skin has felt is incredible. Continue reading “HOMEMADE SUGAR SCRUBS”


I’m not late to the party, I swear! I’ve had these book for a little over a year I would say, so if anything I was early! But that’s really not the point, the point is that they’re brilliant, such fun and really relaxing! Continue reading “COLOUR THERAPY”


In my first welcome post, I made it quite obvious that this time of the year brings out the aspirational artist within me, and that is still very true. The colour of the trees, the colder weather, the wildlife and so on all make me want to create. It was with the changing seasons in mind that todays creation emerged. It makes me sad to say that autumn is basically over, and we’re falling deeper into winter, which means bye bye pretty leaves and toffee apples, and hello Christmas! So it’s not all bad. Continue reading “SEASONAL BIRDS”


I think I might have mentioned this already, but I’m a bit artsy and like to create? Have I told you that before? No? Well, now you know! Recently I have been trying to teach myself new creative techniques, as I have always been in favour of pencil on paper, I’ve been wanting to widen my artistic skills, and personally believe I have been quite successful so far! I would of course be very interested to see what other people think too. Continue reading “FLAT VECTOR ANIMAL ICONS”


I made a thing! It took a while, but I made it!

I have a passion for design, whether that is by hand or digital, and recently I have been developing my digital design skills. I was inspired by pinterest, as I always am, and all of the low-poly images and portraits I had seen. Continue reading “LOW-POLY PANTHER”


It was my birthday a while back, and I got a new book: 642 Things to Write About. It was a gift from a wonderful friend of mine, Emily, she knows me so very well. Unfortunately for me, she has moved away to University now, which leaves me missing her a fair bit! Continue reading “642 THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT”

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