Hello my friends, and welcome back for day 14 of 24 Happy Days. We are officially 2 weeks into December? What happened?!

Let’s pop open box number 14 and see what little gift we have been given today!


Oh wow! It’s The Body Shop’s Camomile makeup remover! I use The Body Shop’s Camomile waterproof makeup remover absolutely all of the time. It is the only makeup remover that I use, I love it and always stick by it because it does such an amazingly fantastic job. I have never tried the non-waterproof version of this though, as I have always been slightly worried that it wouldn’t work as well… but here we go! This is my perfect opportunity to try the original version of this and see if it works out just as well! I do hope that it does, as it would make life a little bit easier, as this one is usually in stock when the waterproof one isn’t, hah!

So I’ve just used this, and will say that I really like it. It works just as well as the other one, providing the makeup you’re using isn’t waterproof, which mine actually rarely is, so I don’t know why I always get the waterproof one… Who knows! Anyway, this is really lovely, and removes makeup with such ease. Loving it!

There we have it for today, I shall be back again tomorrow for day 15 of 24 Happy Days. Crazy, day 15 already! I hope you’re having a lovely lead up to Christmas!