Hello my dear friends and welcome back for day 12 of 24 Happy Days! I’m gathering quite a collection of little Body Shop products now, and there are only more to come!

Let’s pop open box number 12 and see what we have for today!


Ooooooh, it’s another Christmas product! I do love The Body Shop’s Christmas things. This time it is a Frosted Berries body lotion. I’m not going to lie to you, I still have some of my Frosted Plum body lotion from last year, I am terrible at remembering to use these things. A scrub and a shower gel are always remembered, but lotion or moisturiser is almost always forgotten. I will make a very strong effort to use this all up. It’s only a small bottle of course, so I shouldn’t have too much difficulty with that should I?

After giving it a little test I can say that it works exactly how you would expect it to, and leaves the skin feeling baby bum soft! I will be trying my best to remember to use this!

I’ll be leaving it at that for today, I hope you’re having a wonderful December so far my friends. I will see you again tomorrow for day 13!