Hello you wonderful people, welcome back for day 6 of 24 Happy Days. I hope you’re enjoying this, because I sure am! Who wouldn’t enjoy a little Body Shop treat every day for 25 days?!

Shall we crack into box number 6 and see what little present we have for today?


Oooooh, it’s another product from their new Christmas ranges! If you remember in Day 1 we received the Spiced Apple Shower Gel, which is part of their Christmas range. This time, we have a Vanilla Chai Body Butter, which is also part of their Christmas ranges!

I’ll be honest with you, I typically do not enjoy The Body Shop’s Body Butters, I find them way too heavy and thick. One of the sales assistants once told be it was because I was using them wrong, so demonstrated on me how to use them properly. I just pretended that it was okay, where in reality my arms felt gross. I much, much, much prefer the Sorbets.

Anyway, moving on from that little story time, I am actually willing to give this a try, because the scent of it is just way too gorgeous not to try! I absolutely adore anything vanilla scented, in fact, my everyday scent is The Body Shop’s vanilla body mist. I LOVE that stuff. So yeah, let’s give this a go!

Okay, so it still feels weird to me, it is much too thick of a consistency for my skin I think. My skin isn’t exceptionally dry, so I don’t believe I personally need THIS much moisture. However, if you suffer with dry skin and want a heavy moisturiser, then this would be perfect for you. I think I might keep trying this, just using as little as humanly possible so I can still have that delightful scent on me, just without feeling too heavy.

I hope you guys are having a lovely day today, the first week of December is almost over, how crazy is that?! Anyway, I will be back again tomorrow for day 7 of 24 Happy Days!