Hello my friends, welcome back to Day 3 of 24 Happy Days! Have you been keeping up? If not, be sure to go back and check out days 1 and 2!

Let’s crack into it then shall we? Let’s see what’s happening in the box for day 3…


Today we have a mini size of the Vitamin E 48 Hour moisture cream. I personally don’t use the Vitamin E skin care range, I use the seaweed and tea tree skin care ranges (and love them!). I do however know someone that does use the Vitamin E stuff, and loves it.

Who knows, maybe I will try this out for myself, or I will pass it on to someone who I know will use it and love it. We shall see.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely day. This one has been super short and sweet, but I will be back again tomorrow for Day 4! Stay tuned 🙂