Hello you lovely people, and welcome to day two of 24 Happy Days! I hope you’re all having a lovely day.

I’m not going to explain myself again in this post, if you don’t know what 24 Happy Days is yet, you can find out here and here! Let’s get straight in and open up box number two!


Today, we have been gifted a pair of bath gloves. Now, just the other day I threw a pair of these out. You may be thinking, that’s great then, now you have a new pair! But do not be mistaken, I didn’t throw them out because they were old and gross, they were perfectly fine. I threw them out because I never, ever use them…

I can’t be mad at it though, it’s still a nice item, and if I were the sort of person to use these then I’m sure I would be thrilled, but I’m a bath lily sorta gal. Maybe I’ll pass them on to someone else who would actually use them.

Anyway, that’s it for day two! I’ll be back again tomorrow with day three!