I am not going to lie to you, I’ve had so many other things going on this month that I absolutely completely forgot about Papergang until G asked me if I had it, and it arrived the next day. How I managed to forget about it escapes me, but here we go! 

I’m not entirely sure if this month’s box had a theme or anything, but if I took a wild guess at a theme it would be ‘turquoise ombre’ because that seems to be on the box, info card and main item, so let’s roll with that and get into the contents!

My Week Planner


My Week Planner – RPR £9.95


I have some very mixed opinions about this item, I want to love it, I really want to love it. To a certain level I do, but let me explain. The cover I think it beautiful, I love the blue/turquoise watercolour ombre effect, also I am a sucker for planners and planning. If you haven’t seen my stationery I couldn’t be without post then check it out, I kinda explain my lover for planning there. So on those notes, this is a perfect item for me. On the other hand, I hate the plastic wrap/cover, it just feels tacky for me. It just doesn’t sit quite right and forms all these sticky looking blotches… You can kind of see them in the photo. This is a minor issue though, and I can see past that, and the back of the plastic cover is a handy little pocket which is cool. Also, the page layout is great, perfect for a week to week planner, especially as it is undated, so you can plan whenever you like! I do however already have an undated day to day planner (mentioned in my stationery post), so I kind of don’t have much use for this, but I am certain that I can pass this on to someone who will be able to get the use out of it!

Zoological Giftwrap


Zoological Giftwrap – RPR £1.75


This gift wrap is super cool and funky, and it is always handy to have sheets of giftwrap about, but upon opening this item I was a bit meh. It’s cool, handy to have, but this didn’t really excite me at all. A Bison with a part hat on is a bit fun though I guess.

2 Greetings Cards


Greetings Cards – RPR £2.50 each


If you are at all familiar with my Papergang unboxings then you will know that I love the greetings cards we receive in the boxes. They are always so cute and fun, I love having cards to use to give to people, they’re always handy for those birthdays that sneak up on you. Also, it’s nice to send out a card for no reason! On that note, did you know that it’s actually ‘Thinking of You Week’ this week? The perfect time to give out cute cards! This ‘Hedgehugging’ one is possibly my favourite card so far, it’s just too damn cute!

Riso Printed Calendar


Riso Printed Calendar – No RPR


Clearly this is becoming a monthly thing as this is now the third box in a row which has featured it. Fortunately though, I don’t believe they are actually counting this as an item anymore as they no longer state a price for it on the info card? I haven’t actually used any of these calendar cards to date, and can’t really imagine I’ll start now, but it’s a cute touch if it doesn’t count as an item.

Post It Notes


I really like these, I always have uses for post it notes, I use them an awful lot to remind myself of things that I would otherwise forget. Also, the slogan on these is perfect for a lazy person such as myself. I can imagine these being fun to use in the office though, giving colleagues little motivational notes to get shit done. These are fun.

There we have it, that’s everything from this month’s Papergang. As all of the items in this months box were smaller, the box was of the small size again this month, which is great for reducing packaging, but always concerns me when I see it. But, although I do have mixed opinions on this box, I was pleasantly surprised. I can at least say all of these items will be used, whether it’s by me or not is a different story.


If you would like to become a ‘Paper Gangster’ please join us here. I really do enjoy this subscription box, and for £9.95 per month (and it’s available to be shipped worldwide) I think it’s really great value for money.

What were your favourite bits from this months box, and are you too a sucker for planning just like me? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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PS. The ‘Make a Creature’ on the back of this month’s box was a Unicorn and I forgot to take a picture of it. I am so sorry.