I have briefly mentioned this here before, but I have relatively recently rediscovered my insane love of books. I am finding myself wanting nothing more than to read, and read and read.

This has lead to this blog being increasingly inactive, and I have been trying my best to keep my passion alive for this blog as I do love writing and interacting with you guys. However, I need to be doing what I’m loving, and I appreciate that bombarding this blog with books may not be the best way to go about that. So I decided to make a second blog, purely for my bookish side.


If you want to check out that blog then I would completely appreciate it, and if books aren’t your thing, then I appreciate that too. If you’re interested to know what’s going on over there at the moment though, currently I have a few reviews posted of my most recent reads, but I have much more planned for what’s going on over there!

Also, if you weren’t already aware, I also have an Instagram account dedicated to my love of books.


Likewise, it would be lovely if you checked that out, but if you aren’t into books, then it’s absolutely fine if you don’t.

That’s really all I wanted to say in this post, basically, if you want to see more of my bookish side, check out my other blog! If you’re sticking around for beauty and bits then you stay tuned, I am planning on keeping both going, so there will still be content here, don’t you worry!

Thank you for sticking with me!