If you were not already aware, I am a total stationery addict, I work in paperchase, it’s like a dream. With it being the whole ‘Back to School’ time of year, I thought I would share with you some of the stationery items I have acquired that I now could not be without. 

In order for me to stay organised and do anything on time (or actually do anything at all) I have to write it down, make a list or three, plan my time out and see it all written down. This has meant that my organisation stationery is becoming excessive. I’ve narrowed this post down to just a few of the bits I couldn’t cope without, but I want you to know that this is my no means all of it. I have a problem.

Let’s get on with it anyhow.

First up is my Desk Planner from Paperchase. Reason number one for me loving this so much is because the raindrops print from Paperchase is my absolute favourite, I have a lot of this collection, it’s too pretty. Reson number two for me loving this is how amazingly practical it is, this makes it so super easy for me to lay out my week and know what I’m doing when. Sometimes I do add dates to this if anything I’m planning is date specific, but the fact that it doesn’t already have dates on it is another thing I love. If I have a lazy planning week and don’t use this, I’m not wasting anything. The notes section at the bottom is also great, I use this to keep track of my savings pot (which is going really well by the way). Seeing my week planned out like this makes it so much easier for me to prioritise things and use my time well. This is one of the best pieces of stationery I own and I will undoubtedly be getting another one when this runs out. By the way, this had 52 sheets so will last a whole year, which is another great thing about it.

Next up, more raindrops, in the form of my beloved list book. If you do not already have a list book, go and get one, this thing is absolutely amazing for being organised. I appreciate that you can write lists in or on anything, but having a list book that is specifically for writing lists makes it so much more satisfying. Also, if I have a lot to do, writing a list really motivates me to actually do it, just so I can check it off the list. Everything about this book is satisfying, motivating and makes me way more organised. I would recommend that everyone wanting to make the most of their time gets one of these. Also, all of the ‘pages’ are also sticky notes, so you can pull them out and stick them elsewhere if needed, another cool added bonus feature.

My Daily Journal from Ohh Deer is another of the great pieces of stationery I now couldn’t be without. This little thing is so simple and so helpful. If you like planning, then you’ll love this. It again has no dates, which I love for when I’m having lazy weeks (like the last three weeks), as I’m not wasting pages, yay! I love that there’s so much to this, there a notes section for each day, a to-do list for each day, a time schedule for each day, an objective for each day and three project boxes for each day. This makes me so motivated to get so much done in one day (when I’m not being lazy).


Nice quick and simple, a desk note pad! I received this in one of my Papergang boxes and absolutely love it! At the moment it’s being used to keep track of all the tags I’ve been tagged to do over on my bookstagram account. This is just super easy to take quick notes on, I like to use notebooks for specific things, so having this just out on my desk is great for taking quick notes that I won’t have to keep in a book because the pages all tear off, you know, as it’s a pad… It’s also super pretty and I just really like it.


This thing is the exact opposite of everything else, but it’s a brilliant addition to my desk. These are procrastination notes, basically, post it notes with a maze on. Super fun to do when you’ve got 5 minutes to waste. Also handy to use actually as post it notes if you can look past the maze…

As a final added bonus, these fine liner coloured pens and highlighters. These make planning and organising a bit prettier and more fun (if you’ve got the time for  that, which I often don’t), but if you’re anything like me these are perfect for colouring books! I really enjoy the nature themes colouring books from Millie Marotta and find that all of these pens are perfect for that. Again, these are nothing to do with being organised and planning like the rest of this post is, but it’s important to take breaks to guys!

That brings us to the end of this post which is way longer than I ever intended it to be, my apologies! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little stationery overload, as I said at the beginning of this post; I love stationery and have an awful lot. Maybe one day I will share my notebook bookshelf, full of empty notebooks waiting for the perfect opportunity for use, or maybe I won’t, I don’t know. Anyhow, these are just the bits that sit on my desk constantly and are used pretty much every single day to keep me on track.


Do you have any specific stationery to help you keep organised, or has this possibly inspired you to? Let me know and as always chat to me in the comments!

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