I have turned into a lazy person who never does their makeup properly, however, today I decided that as I had nothing better to do, I would put a face on. This is what occurred. 

I’m just going to put it out there that this is going to be full of my face, be prepared for my face. This is by absolutely no stretch of the imagination a tutorial, I would never follow what I do with my face because I absolutely always just wing it, but here we go, my face.


Shall we mention how blotchy and awful my bare face is? Honestly, I haven’t worn makeup properly in like a week, I’m not sure how I manage to go out in public like this. Let’s cover it up with something. You know, like a tonne of foundation, concealer and powder!


Oh great, now I look orange. But at least it’s not patchy anymore right? For anyone who cares to know I used Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, which I really don’t like but I must use it up before I buy a new foundation because I am on some stupid budget now. I used the Bourjois concealer which I looooooove, and my MAC Studio Fox powder, which I also love, but (here we go again…) I’m ditching MAC so need to use this up and get a new cruelty-free alternative.

So what did I do next, eyes I think? Let’s see.


My lips look like they’ve just melted into my face? Why did I think that doing this post was a good idea? Look at the state of me, hahaha. Anyway, yeah, I did my eyeshadow! I used my absolutely beloved Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I went for something a bit natural, browns and stuff, like I always do. I did use a small bit of burgundy in the outer corner but blended it so much you can barely see it. I like it anyhow.


Oh look, now my brows are slightly more visible on my face, but my lips are still not present. Also my face now has a little bit more structure, but apparently I have a ‘moon face’ which means my face never has any structure and it’s just a big round blob. Woohoo. Anyway, yeah, did a little contour, a little blush, a little highlight, looking a bit more human. Still got no lips though. For the brow thing I used the Benefit Goof Proof Brow pencil, for the contour I used the Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt, for the blush I used that little Bourjois one I have (what’s it called again?), and for highlighter I used the Makeup Revolution Radiant Light highlighter.


Oh wow, look at all that effort I put into my appearance for a day where I did absolutely nothing. I actually put mascara on, lipstick on and straightened my hair? On a Sunday? Who am I? Mascara is the beloved Maybelline Lash Sensational, lipstick is NYX matte lip cream in Copenhagen, my absolute faaaave.

Shall we now talk about how happy I am that it’s September and I can wear dark lipstick again? I love bringing out the darker lip colours, and I can now also enjoy using darker eyeshadows again, yaaaaaay. If you weren’t aware, I enjoy wearing darker makeup looks way more than light pinky ones. I admit throughout spring and summer I obviously wore lighter looks, but now I can crack out the darker colours, hooray!

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this mess of a post, and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think of all my awful selfies for you guys, I hope you liked them.

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