My favourite time of the month has come around again, it’s time for Papergang! This is my sixth instalment of the adorable stationery subscription box from Ohh Deer, and this one was just marbelous

Just as a quick recap, and in case you aren’t familiar with Papergang, the box costs £9.95 and is available to be shipped worldwide. If you want to become a ‘Paper Gangster’ please join us here. What I really enjoy about this subscription box also, besides all of the adorable stationery, is that on a little card it includes the RRP of each item, so you know exactly how much your box is worth!

Where last month‘s box was considerably smaller than the others, this month’s one struggled to fit through my letter box, was torn at all edges and held together with elastic bands when I received it. This was both exciting and concerning, exciting because it must be bulging with product, concerning because I was worried something may be damaged from the look of the packaging… Also, apologies for the weird image of the box, but they stuck the address label on the front, and I don’t really fancy publishing where I live… Let’s dive in.

A4 Blue Marble Quarter Bound Notebook

A4 Marble Notebook – RPR £12.95

Okay, so hello? Here’s the value of the box and more. This notebook is bloody beautiful, look at it. Marble print is so in at the minute, and this is beautiful, especially when paired with the copper detailing. Not only is this gorgeous, but it’s a really good size, A4, and hardback. This is a big sturdy beautiful notebook. Also, in addition to the copper detailing on the front, the edges of the pages are copper, so it’s even prettier. The pages in this are lined, but only on the right side, so this is perfect for all of you who only like to write on the right-hand side of your paper. The left-hand side is plain, so perfect for adding in sketches or diagrams or something? Honestly, I would rather it was all lined, but that doesn’t take away from how much I love this notebook.

Look at that gorgeous copper, mmmmm.

Copper Washi Tape

Copper Washi Tape – RPR £2.50

Who doesn’t love a good washi tape? I certainly do love a good washi tape, I have a small box of them which is slowly growing. I do have a matte copper washi tape, this one is a bit more metallic and really pretty. Matches the notebook, adorable. Not much else to say about a pretty coloured tape really is there?

Greetings Card

Greetings Card – RPR £2.50

I’m not going to lie, after getting 3 greetings cards last month, I am a little disappointed in just having one, but the value of the notebook makes up for that, I appreciate that they can’t give us everything. I do really like this though, it reminds me very much of that picture of Daniel Radcliffe walking that pack of dogs… maybe this design was inspired by that? I don’t know, but it certainly has a likeness. I will definitely find a doggy person to receive this.

September Calendar

Riso Printed Calendar – RPR £1.95

Uh oh. If you remember last month’s box, you’ll remember there was one of these for August, and I claimed it was the only item from Papergang I have ever been disappointed with… And they’ve gone and done it again. Admittedly it’s cute, as I said about the August one, but where is the real practicality in this? Why would I want a postcard month? What am I supposed to do with this? Can you really count this as an item in the box? Is it really worth £1.95? All of these questions lead to the disappointment in this item. But it’s a pretty print. I am hoping that just because they’ve done this two months in a row that doesn’t mean this is going to become a permanent thing… It’s cute though.

Papergang Contents – RPR £19.90

There we have it, tah-dah! That’s everything from August’s marbelous Papergang. It seems like there are a lot fewer items in this box than usual, but as I stated before, the value and quality of the notebook makes up for that. It’s a really good notebook.

As usual, I already can’t wait for next month’s box, which will be free for me as you lovely people have helped me reach my referral target, thank you! If you’re interested in signing up for this stationery box, please join us here, for only £9.95 a month plus shipping (which is worldwide by the way!).

What’s your favourite bit from this months box? Would you be disappointed with the calendar? Are you subscribed, or do you want to be?! Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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P.S. The ‘make a creature’ on the back of the box this month was a Stegosaurus. A frickin marble dinosaur, how cool is that?!