My experience with Bourjois is rather little, as I have only ever previously tried out one of their eyeshadow quads, and that was a while ago now. After picking up some goodies from my Birthday Beauty Hauling trip, I thought I would share some first impressions with you. 

As the Bourjois counter was on a 3 for 2 offer in boots I got myself 3 treats. I picked up one of their matte liquid lipsticks in the shade 12 ‘Beau Brun’, a concealer in the shade 02 ‘Beige’, and a blush in the shade 54 ‘Rose Frisson’.  I’ve been using these products for a few weeks now, so figured now is as good a time as any to tell you what I think!

Can I start by just saying that they all smell amazing? The lipstick smells of vanilla pudding, the concealer smells of some sort of fruit salad and the blush smells like flowers. I don’t really understand the point of fragranced makeup, by boy does it make it more fun to apply.


I am absolutely super-duper impressed with these products. For the price I paid (something like £16 for all 3) I couldn’t be much happier with these bits. For one, the concealer is actually the colour of my skin, which is amazing and rare and I love it, no more oddly coloured chin because the concealer is too light so you’ve got a highlighted bulbous-chin, no sir-ee. It blends out amazingly easily, smells like a fruit salad, actually covers my blemishes really well, the same colour as the rest of my face. I love it.

The lipstick is also really quite wonderful, it’s a gorgeous colour, is really comfortable and creamy on the lips but gives a lovely matte finish. This has been on my lips a lot recently because it’s just so easy to wear, the creaminess of it means that application is a dream, and there is no need to be super precise. It’s definitely one of the more comfortable matte liquid lipsticks I own (for the other end of the spectrum and extreme discomfort, see here). My only real fault with this is that it doesn’t last very long, I can get an hour or so out of it, but it does then need a top up. I’m okay with that though, because it’s a pretty colour and comfortable.

The blush is just gorgeous too, it’s a really pretty pink with a slight shimmer in it, but not like pink unicorn poop or anything, just slight and actually pretty. It smells like flowers, so that’s a plus, but it does take quite a bit of effort for me to actually get any pigment out of this, I do have to serious rub my brush in it for a while to actually get this to do anything. But, it is pretty and lovely when it’s actually applied nicely, so thumbs up for that.


I believe the swatches are self-explanatory really, but if you’re having trouble, on the left we have the blush, middle lipstick, right concealer.  Here it looks like the concealer is too dark for me, but bear in mind that these swatches are on the underside of my arm, the lightest part of my skin, I assure you it matches my face.

Overall, I’m chuffed with these bits, and definitely want to try more from the brand. I’m intrigued by their foundation as I love the concealer so much… I also would like to grab a few more colours of the lipstick, they’re just so damn comfortable! Have you tried many Bourjois products, any of the above or any that you recommend? Let me know, and as always chat to me in the comments!

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