So contouring has been a pretty big trend for a while now, and I’m all for it. Having an instantly chiselled face is a pretty neat trick if you ask me. On the other hand, strobing is something I’m not overly familiar with…

The lovely people from SEVENTEEN have sent me these products for me to try out and get to grips with the differences between contouring and strobing, which one does what and which is the best! Here I’ve got SEVENTEEN’s Define & Conquer Contour Kit and their WOW concealer.

I’ve been trying these bits out for a few weeks now, and I can confidently declare that these are both pretty good products! As I’ve said before with SEVENTEEN’s products, they are really good value for money, with a very affordable price tag and decent quality product. I’m chuffed with the contour palette, it’s in a super sweet little compact, perfectly sized for throwing in my makeup bag.

Anyway, shall we get on with this little ‘battle’? I’ve approached this by doing one side of my face with the strobing ‘WOW’ concealer, and the other side with the contour palette, so that we can compare them directly, side by side! You’ll have to ignore the awful stake of my skin at the moment, I’m apparently a hormonal mess!


So initially I was a little confused by this little concealer thing. As I said before, strobing is new to me, so I was thinking, how can a concealer do this strobing thing? But essentially it’s a shimmery light catching concealer, giving a nice luminous shiny strobing effect to the highlighted areas! The tube comes with a little brush applicator thing, so it’s super easy to apply this to the desired areas. As you can see, I apply this to the high points of my face, as you’d expect.


As for the contour, this looks a little bit scary when it’s not blended out properly, but you can see how this is applied under the cheek bones, around the temple and across the top of the forehead and so on. I’m really impressed with this little thing, as you can see, the pigmentation is pretty impressive, although the highlight is the same colour as my skin, as I’m so pale, so you can’t really see it.

When they’ve both been blended out properly you can start to see the benefits of either technique. The strobing side of my face appears to be really bright, a photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s nice and bright and a bit shimmery. Not as shimmery as using a highlighter, it’s a bit more subtle than that, but it gives my face structure. The contour side is obviously a lot more chiselled, darker and really makes me cheek bone pop, oooooh.


Just for fun, I decided to both contour and strobe both sides of my face, to see how they looked combines. Honestly, I quite like the two combined, chiseled yet glowing, if I do say so myself.

Personally, I still think I’m more into contouring than strobing, even if I have learnt a little bit about it. I don’t think that I personally would strobe alone, as it just doesn’t give me the definition I like, but that’s just me! Makeup is all down to the individual, of course.

How about you? Do you strobe or contour? Or both? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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