My favourite time of the month has come around again, it’s time for Papergang! This is my fifth instalment of the adorable stationery subscription box from Ohh Deer, and this one is a little bit different.

Just as a quick recap, and in case you aren’t familiar with Papergang, the box costs £9.95 and is available to be shipped worldwide. If you want to become a ‘Paper Gangster’ please join us here. What I really enjoy about this subscription box also, besides all of the adorable stationery, is that on a little card it includes the RRP of each item, so you know exactly how much your box is worth!

This month’s box is considerably smaller than all of the others so far, so when it popped through my letterbox, I was a little bit confused. But this slightly underwhelming sensation quickly flew away once I actually opened the box and had a look through the contents. Let’s get into it!

Pack of 3 A6 Notebooks


3 x A6 Notebooks – £5.95


These are the cutest little notebooks, they’re so tiny, and they’ve very slim. I can imagine filling these very quickly, but I always find little notebooks so handy, just to make notes in… like you do in a notebook. The style of these is super pretty too, I really enjoy the simplistic design, totally up my street. I also like that this one item in the box is three items in reality, winning!

Wooden Clipboard

Screen Printed Wooden Clipboard – £6.00

This little thing is adorable too! I have a slight issue where I think all items of stationery are cute in some way, but look at it! This is A5 sized, so adorably small for a clipboard. I’m not sure how much use I will have for this, but it’s sweet nonetheless.

‘On Point’ Pencil


‘On Point’ Pencil – £0.50


I’m gathering quite a collection of the Papergang pencils, ‘Plan of Attack’, ‘On Point’ and the foiled flowers pencils, I’ve got a few now! A Pencil is always handy to have though. Also, I have a new desk organiser which has quite a lack of pencils, so I’m always up for more to fill it with! I also am really quite happy with the fact that all of the Papergang pencils have had erasers on top so far too. Small details.

August Calendar

Riso Printed Calendar – £1.95

Now, I’m very sad to have to say that this is the first item of Papergang that I’m a bit disappointed in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, look at it… but how is a postcard sized one month calendar going to be of any use to me? It’s sweet, and it’s tiny… it looks super sweet on the clipboard, which is where I have placed it, but I just don’t get it. I plan to use this as a bit of a monthly budget planner, where I can only cross out a day of august if I didn’t spend any unnecessary money. Hopefully this will stop me from spending too much, but if it doesn’t work, then that’s more reason for me to be disappointed in this tiny calendar.

3 x Greetings Cards

3 x Greetings Cards – £2.50

Yay! More greetings cards! I love receiving these cards, they’re so perfect for giving out to people for no reason other than the fact that I think they deserve a nice reminder that they are appreciated. I love doing that to people. I love that they’re never occasion specific, so really, they are perfect. I’m getting a bit of a collection of them now, so I need to start sending some more out! The tiger one included here is undoubtedly my favourite one so far, I love it. Tigers are my absolute favourite animal, and I think most people know that, so whoever recieves that card is a special someone!

Papergang Contents – £16.90

So there we go, that’s everything from this month’s Papergang! As always, I’m really pleased with it and it’s been the highlight of my month. I already can’t wait for the next. If you’re interested in signing up for this stationery box, please join us here, for only £9.95 a month plus shipping (which is worldwide by the way!).

What’s your favourite bit from this months box? Are you subscribed, or do you want to be?! Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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