Long story short, I used to hate LUSH, thought the scent was way too overpowering and couldn’t stand it. Jump forward a couple of years, I now love it, and can’t get enough. 

I received a couple of lovely LUSH goodies for my birthday, and with some of the birthday money I was ever so kindly given, I decided to treat myself to a few bath time treats. Some of these I have tried before, others I have not, so I will likely not have much to say about those other than how excited I am to use them! Let’s get cracking.


Firstly I was drawn to the bubble bars, I had tried a few of these out before, and knew I enjoyed the swirly ones. I did write a first impressions post of the LUSH bubble bars here if you want to check that out! In that post, I explained how I don’t mind paying the price for these as I can manage to get 3 or 4 uses out of each bar, but there is no way I would pay between £4 and £5 for a one use item… So I try my very best to stretch their usage out!

The ones that I picked up in this little haul were Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, Brightside and The Comforter. These are so super easy and fun to use, so if for some reason you haven’t tried a bubble bar before, you should! They’re great, create so many luxurious bubbles, turn the water fun colours and feel lovely on the skin. I personally opt for the ‘swirly’ ones, as you can see, they all follow the same style. I have just found these to be the best so far. To summarise the scents, The Comforter is a warm blackcurrant scent, Brightside is a vibrant citrus and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds is frankincense.


Next up, I thought it was time for me to try some LUSH bath bombs. I am extremely inexperienced in this department, so I have no idea what I am talking about, but they all look and smell amazing. The ones I have picked up are Dragon’s Egg, Fizzbanger and Avobath. What I shall do with these, is split them in two when I use them, so I can get two uses out of each bomb. I personally find that these are really big, and I get more for my money by using them twice. So far I have only split Avobath, but found that shoving a knife through the centre ‘seam’ of the bath bomb worked.

I have used a half of Avobath, and found it absolutely wonderful. It made the bath water feel so soft and nourishing and gave a gorgeous scent. I believe this had avocado in it, which tackles dryness and dehydration, which I will admit I did feel. It was very moisturising and soft. Also, this had a very slight hint of green shimmer in it, which was gorgeous in the water, and wonderfully did not come off on my skin. Win. I can’t wait to use Dragon’s Egg to reveal all the colour within, and this has a citrus scent, which I do love in a bath. Fizzbanger is also really exciting, it changes colour as it fizzes and has popping candy in it? What? Amazing? Yes. Also, it has a citrusy apple and cinnamon scent, incredible.


Next up is the Jellies! I absolutely love the LUSH shower jellies and have been through a fair few of them now. They’re so much fun to use, and just add something different to bath and shower time. These can be frozen and used solid like a bar of soap, used in jelly form like a wibbly bar of soap, or cut up and used in individual pieces. I personally opt for the whole wibbly bar, it’s more fun. Unless you’re Jake, my boyfriend, who dropped a whole Jelly in the shower and it went down the plug hole. Idiot. 

Refresher and Woosh are the ones I have opted for, as they are my absolute favourites. Refresher has a lovely sweet sherbet sort of scent, like the refresher sweets, which is wonderful, and Woosh is much more zingy, with a lovely citrusy lemon and lime sort of scent, but this also has seaweed in it, which I love using for my skin.


Finally, I got a pot of my trusty favourite face mask, Don’t Look At Me. I’m not going to go into much detail about this as I have posted a review of it here. To give you a quick summary though, this is amazing for blemished and combination skin. I would recommend this to anyone who’s skin is similar to mine, but if you have sensitive skin, stay well clear of this, as it has citrus in it, which will burn up your little face. I love it.

Well there you have it, that’s everything I got from my little LUSH haul! I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into what I’ll be using at bath time from now on! Have you tried any of these bits out? What do you think of them, and do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!