I feel like I need to make an apology, I’m not sure if it’s to myself, to you or to my blog, but I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting my blog  little bit lately, I’ve been seeing it more as a chore than a hobby, and that’s not what I want… Let me explain. 

I’ve fallen in love with reading again. All I seem to want to do with my time at the minute is read, browse books, buy books, organise my bookshelf, plan what I’m reading next and so on. This has meant that my mind has really been elsewhere, not on my blog, and especially not on makeup and beauty, which is what my blog seems to have turned into. In order for me to stop feeling guilty about this, I feel that the only way forward currently, is to combine the two. Blog about books. 

I won’t be reviewing books, I couldn’t do that, that would turn reading into a chore and I really don’t want that, but I will be sharing my books. At least, I will be now. Who knows, this book thing might overtake the beauty, it might just be a once a month or every other month sort of thing. Let’s just go with it.

Anyway, with it having recently been my birthday, I thought I would share with you today some of the lovely books that I either received as a gift or purchased with money I received for my birthday. I am really into the fantasy genre, so I will warn you now, that’s what they all are.

A Song of Ice and Fire

George RR Martin


Otherwise known as Game of Thrones. I had been wanting to read this series for a while and never taken the plunge. Whilst my boyfriend was eager to start watching the show, I became more eager to read the books! I had started reading the first one with a copy I had picked up from the local supermarket, so Jake ever so kindly got me the box set for my birthday! Also, aren’t my little Mushu and Daenerys adorable? I love them!


Now, because I’m sad, I didn’t want to ruin the box set, so I also purchased the next couple of books myself individually, so that I can bend the spine and make them look all read and loved, whilst leaving the box set looking fabulous on my shelf… You might think that’s the most pointless thing in the world. Please, just leave me be.

A Court of Thorns and Roses & A Court of Mist & Fury

Sarah J Maas


I had seen and heard so many amazing things about these books, and never picked them up. Why? I do not know, so figured that as I had a little more cash than usual and a few days left of my Amazon Prime trial, I would pick these up. I’m really intrigued to start reading them, I can’t wait! The covers are really quite pretty, although you should never judge a book by its cover!

Unspeakable & Neptunes Tears

Abbie Rushton & Susan Waggoner


These two books I had never heard of before, and don’t actually know much about, I simply liked the covers and the titles! Not that you should judge a book by that, but I did. I’m excited to read them though to see if they are actually any good!

Well, that’s most of the books I have picked up recently, I have also got a few others, but I will save them for another time! Also, just a little bit of pushing myself here, I have created a new Instagram account purely for my love of books, photographing new books, old books, pretty books and so on, so if you wanted to check that out, you can do so here!

Are you a bookworm? What are your favourite books and do you have any recommendations? Do let me know if you want to see more of my bookworm side, I could happily post about books much more regularly, but I’m not sure if it’s something I should do… Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!