Oh hello gorgeous, have you seen these lipsticks?! I have seen Lipstick Queen popping up here there and everywhere at the minute and just had to get my hands on some of that beauty.

Lipstick Queen appear to be becoming more and more popular by the day, seemingly so due to their cult favourite lipstick, ‘Frog Price’. You’ll probably be familiar with this, but if you’re not, basically it’s green, and turns pink on your lips. Not just any pink, it’s one of those pinks that adjusts to you, to because the perfect pink. Now logically, as that’s the ‘fave’, you would have thought I would pick that one up, but no. I decided to pick up the Lipstick Queen ‘Discovery Set’, as that felt more appropriate for someone who is discovering the brand.


Before I say anything about the actual product, let’s just talk about the packaging for a second. I mean, come on. Look at that packaging. Is that not the most beautiful lipstick you have ever seen in your life? Because I think it is for me. Not to mention how the packaging feels. Each tube has a different finish, I’m guessing to mimic the finish of the lipstick, and they’re just a joy to touch. The lids click on and off so satisfyingly, which is very important to me, as I need to know it’s going to stay such when I inevitably throw it in the bottom of my hand bag.

The three lipsticks included in this discovery set are ‘Saint Nude’, ‘Medieval’ and ‘Trance’, and each one has it’s own special thing. From the little research I have done into the brand, that’s what Lipstick Queen appear to specialise in; each of their lipsticks has it’s own unique thing which makes it special. ‘Frog Prince’ for example has it’s thing of turning a perfect pink. So, let’s see what’s so special about these three.


‘Saint Nude’ is the perfect nude, and is declared to suit every single skin tone. The ‘Saint’ range does however come in many shades of nude, however this ‘Nude’ nude seems to be the winner of them all. ‘Saint’ is the name of the finish with this particular line, with it being a sheer lipstick causing the lips to glow. Lipstick Queen do also offer a ‘Sinners’ line of matte finish lipsticks, to contrast this line.

Lipstick Queen declare that in order to know what truly makes their lipsticks special, you must try it on and find out, so obviously, that’s what I have done. I will admit straight away, this product does not feel like a lipstick when it is applied. It doesn’t have that thickness? It feels like a balm, it glides so effortlessly across the lips, leaving a beautiful sheer nude behind.


Clearly, with this sort of lipstick, the pigmentation is not going to wow anyone, because that’s not the ambition with this. The glow it gives makes you lips look fuller and healthier, whilst allowing them to feel hydrated and luxuriously smooth. That being said though, the colour is gorgeous, and for someone who doesn’t really do nudes, this is a nude I am in to!


Next in the box set is ‘Medieval’. Immediately I will admit that this lipstick is the reason I opted for this set. Although I could have purchased this individually, the set was better value and I wanted to try some others, but this is the one I was longing for. ‘Medieval’s thing is that is is the perfect red. It’s one of those that magically adjusts to suit your skin tone to give you a red that is universally flattering to everyone. Even those who can’t pull off red. That’s me, and that’s the reason I wanted this so badly. I love red lipstick, I own red lipstick, but when I wear red lipstick it just isn’t right. That’s where the magic of this comes in, and now I can wear a red lipstick comfortably!


Again this is a very sheer finish, so the pigmentation is not amazing, which may confuse you, or at least it did me. How can it look like that in a swatch if it’s going to give me red lips? The answer to that, I simply do not know. Obviously with the sheer finish this does not give me a bold red smack in the face sort of lipstick look, but that’s the point. It’s a subtle red allowing anyone to pull it off, but still noticeably a red. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it works. Trust me.

As with ‘Saint Nude’, applying this doesn’t feel like a lipstick. Lipstick Queen have mastered the ‘no lipstick’ lipstick, and it feels wonderful. It’s so smooth and luxurious, I truly love it. For those occasions where a matte lip just isn’t desirable, these lipsticks are perfect, giving a gorgeous colour and a gorgeous glowing sheer finish.


Finally in this ‘Discovery Set’, we have ‘Trance’, and this is part of Lipstick Queen’s ‘Butterfly Ball’ line. Now, what’s the magic in this one I hear you ask. The ‘Butterfly Ball’ range has a slight turquoise shimmer running through the lipsticks, which is absolutely stunning. As soon as I twisted this lipstick up I was amazed by how gorgeous the shimmer running through this is. Some may be put off by the idea of a turquoise shimmer, but please, let me explain.

The turquoise shimmer in this reflects the light that hits your lips, giving them a gorgeous lustrous shine, causing them to look fuller and attracting more attention to them. Not only does it do this, but (heres the magic) thanks to the blue tones it also causes your teeth to appear whiter and the whites of your eyes to stand out more. How frickin cool?!


The pigmentation of this one is undeniably the least, there is a slight hint of pink there, but let’s be honest, we are here for the shimmer. I can’t say I have personally notice the teeth whitening illusion on myself, but when I convince my mother to try this out, I did notice it much more on her, and it was a very flattering lipstick for both myself and her, so this one definitely gets a thumbs up.

Overall I am really impressed with all of these. If you’re after an obvious lipstick with strong pigmentation, then these really aren’t for you. However, if you want a more subtle lip colour, with a lipstick which feels more like a balm, applies like velvet and leaves the lips feeling luxuriously smooth, then these may be right up your street. The texture of these really does seem to be what’s standing out for me, besides their magical qualities of course. I am over the moon with ‘Medieval’, as it gives me exactly what I’m looking for in a subtle red lips, and the others are just as gorgeous in my eyes.


Have you tried out any Lipstick Queen lipsticks before? What are your thoughts on them? Do you know of any other magic lipsticks that I might want to try out? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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