Everyone has seen the ‘peel off lipstick’ lip stain trend flooding across social media. How satisfying does that look? Slathering on some liquid lipstick-ish stuff, waiting for it to dry and then peeling it off. I decided to give into the trend to give this peel off stuff a go, and see if it actually works. 

I want to start by saying how much this idea reminds me of primary school, when kids would slather themselves in PVA glue and then peel it off their hands… or wherever else they smeared it. Generally speaking, that doesn’t sound attractive, but it does sound satisfying!

Now, I didn’t really want to be spending a lot on this fad, because I wasn’t entirely sure if it would actually be any good or not. In order to combat this, I found the cheapest ones possible on Amazon, win! I got a set of the ‘Romantic Bear’ Long Lasting Lip Colour peel off lip stain for an incredibly ridiculous price of like £3.50 or something. This included 6 shades: ‘Sweet Orange’, ‘Watermelon’, ‘Lovely Peach’, ‘Rose Pink’, ‘Sexy Red’ and ‘Cherry Red’. For £3.50 I wasn’t really bothered if they were total rubbish, for that small price I just wanted to try it out.

Each one of these shades actually smells like its name, so the Orange one smells of oranges, the watermelon of watermelon and the cherry of cherry and so on, but just to clarify ‘Sexy Red’ does not smell like sex, it smells like strawberries.


So basically, what these are, is a little tube of lip goop. The tubes remind me very much of those lip glosses you would get as a child, with the ridiculous angles plastic applicator with a hole in the middle for the goop to come out. That’s essentially what this is. The plastic thing makes this incredibly difficult to actually apply properly to the lips, bordering on impossible, so I have found that the best way to apply this is with a brush. I’ve just been squeezing a little bit out onto a bit of paper or card or something, and using a lip brush to apply this more accurately than the product allows.

You do have to be very, very quick when applying this, otherwise it starts to dry and get sticky and peel, so… speedy. If you’re relatively successful with the application of this, then you should end up with lips covered in sticky goop.


Within this post I’ll just be giving swatches of the one colour as, the clue is in the name, it’s a stain, and I couldn’t swatch them all on my lips and I didn’t fancy a stained arm. I’ve opted for ‘Rose Pink’ here. As you can very clearly see, the colour on my lips is nothing like the colour on the packaging, but at this stage, the colour is not important, as this goop will be peeled off. It’s the colour it leaves behind that’s important!

As I said, the application is really difficult, so the accuracy of the shape of my lips here is a bit off, but as you will see later, when it’s peeled that’s not so much of a problem. In this image, I clearly have my lips together, and that is a mistake I shall avoid making in future. This stuff is sticky. My lips got stuck together. When I pulled them open the product started to peel a little early, when it was not fully dry, so I had to fix this and try again keeping my lips apart.


The peeling is ridiculously satisfying. It feels really nice, and actually leaves the lips underneath feeling really smooth. The goop dries very similarly to the PVA glue you slathered on yourself in primary school, and peels off usually in one go, leaving no little annoying bits behind. This is providing you’ve left it to dry for long enough, which for me has been roughly 5 minutes (5 minutes is a long time to go without opening or closing your mouth).

bareI am now realising that I am not organised at all and did not take a ‘before’ of my lips, so shall insert a random image of my lips form a week ago or whenever it was, when my hair was redish/brown not blue, so that you can see what level of colour this stain leaves behind.

Excuse the poor quality, I’ve just zoomed in on a selfie, my apologies. 

Okay, now on to the fully stained ‘Rose Pink’ lips I should have!


Tah-dah! I do not think I can emphasise enough how pleased I am with the outcome of this. The colour that has been stained onto my lips is now the colour I was expecting from the packaging, and not that deep pink/red goop, and it gave a surprisingly even finish. Honestly, for what I paid for these I was expecting them to be flakey, patchy and really poorly pigmented, but I will happily admit I was wrong!

The staying power of the stain is also really impressive. I went our for a birthday dinner with one of these stains on, and it lasted through eating pizza, drinking and having chocolate fudge cake. I am thoroughly impressed with these. Let me just tell you again, I paid roughly £3.50 for 6 of these. That’s like 59 pence each, crazy. I do believe it does without saying, as it’s a stain’, but if you get this on your hands it will stain, as you can see on my fingers slightly. Likewise, don’t get it on your clothes.


I definitely believe I will get the use out of all of these, and for £3.50 they were an absolute steal, as they do actually work. They’re a bit of fun, something different, but I can understand why some people would rather just wear a normal stain or a lipstick, that is so much easier. But if you want to try out the ‘peel off’ trend, or try something a little bit different, then I would recommend these. Although they are cheap, they aren’t bad. They aren’t amazing, as I have discussed, they have their pad points, but they aren’t bad!

What do you think of the whole ‘peel off lipstick’ trend? Have you tried it out yourself? Would you? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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