My favourite time of the month has come around again, it’s time for Papergang! This is my 4ourth instalment of the adorable stationery subscription box from Ohh Deer, and this one is an artist special, Gemma Correll edition!

Just as a quick recap, and in case you aren’t familiar with Papergang, The box costs £9.95 and is available to be shipped worldwide. If you want to become a ‘Paper Gangster’ please join us here. What I really enjoy about this subscription box also, besides all of the adorable stationery, is that on a little card it includes the RRP of each item, so you know exactly how much your box is worth!

As this month was a Gemma Correll special edition, the cut-out animal was her famous Pug, and I can’t wait to make this! I’m getting quite a collection of these little creatures now.


You may recall that last month I had issues with damaged boxes and my postman hating me, and this month has confirmed that my postman hates me. My box was rather battered this month, but still intact, so no replacement needed this time. Anyway, let’s get into this!

Dancing Pug Pen

Dancing Pugs Pen – RPR £7.95

This is officially the first pen of Papergang, and I couldn’t be happier about it! The size, shape and weight of this pen perfect, it’s a really good quality pen this. It writes really smoothly, is comfortable to hold and has dancing pugs on it. Dancing fricking pugs. How adorable is this? This might make it’s way to being my ‘priority pen’: the one I keep in my handbag. What makes this even better is that its black ink, thank you very much Ohh Deer.

Washi Tapes

Washi Tapes – RPR £5.95

This month’s box came with three 5m washi tapes of Gemma Correll’s designs. Again here we see the dancing pugs, just as adorable as the pen. We also see Gemma’s signature red and white stripes, and a little slogan tape which has numerous quotes on it, such as Pug off, Happy Birthday, Nope, Go Away, Meh, Congratulations and so on. I really really like these tapes, and can see them looking very pretty in my scrapbook. Much excitement for these.

Lined Notebook

Pug Notebook – RPR £7.95

This notebook is a really good quality notebook. Previously the notebooks in the Papergang box have been quite thin with paper covers, but this one has upped the game. Although not incredibly thick, it is much bigger than the others I have received and has a much nicer plastic laminate sort of cover. Again here we see Gemma Correll’s famous pugs, with the various poses of a pug. Again, it’s adorable. I am loving this.

Greetings Card

Nope Card – RPR £2.50

I love receiving cards in these boxes, I love sending people cards just because, and receiving them regularly allows me to do that more. This card quite simply says, Nope. I can not possibly imagine why I would send this to someone, maybe if I get an invitation for a crappy occasion and really don’t want to go? We shall see. Nonetheless, it’s a great card, with a typical Gemma sort of message.

Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap – RPR £1.75

Finally, we have a single sheet of gift wrap. I’m coming up to the time of year where it is a lot of people’s birthdays, or celebrations of some sort and am in need of lots of wrapping paper, so this is one sheet less that I need. It’s almost too pretty to actually use as wrapping paper though, who would want to tear through these adorable cats and dogs and chickens and hamsters and whatever else we have here? Not me, that’s for sure. I have a gift in mind to wrap with this.

That’s everything from this month’s edition of Papergang, and I am over the moon with it! Gemma Correll is a wonderful illustrator, and I really like her style, so I am super happy with the designs of this months items, and the quality of them! If you’re interested in signing up for this stationery box, please join us here. For only £9.95 I believe this box is amazing, and they do ship worldwide.

What’s your favourite bit from this months box? Are you subscribed, or do you want to be?! Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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