I call them essentials because I would rather not be without them, but in reality, I would probably be okay without these bits… Nevertheless, let’s look at what I’ve purchased over the last few weeks! 

First up, foundation! My Rimmel Match Perfection foundation ran out, it was a sad day, but that meant I got to buy more, which makes it a happy day! As I was so miserably hot in my recent Simple Summer Face post, I decided to go for something light, so picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I had never used this before, so was a bit blind, but went for it anyway. In the shade ‘Light Porcelain’ because I’m ridiculously pale. So far I am really enjoying this, it is very light, and gives a light to medium coverage in my opinion, but that’s what concealer is for. It doesn’t blend out as well as the match perfection in my opinion, takes a bit more working as it’s a bit more watery I think, but it does give the desired light finish.


Next up, eyeliner! I’m not sure how this happened, but I let myself get to a point where I didn’t actually own any eyeliner. Why would I do that? To fix this problem I picked up the Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in Waterproof Glossy Black. Purely because this is the only one Tesco had and I needed eyeliner. It’s pretty good though, ‘Glossy’ scared me a bit as I was concerned it might be shiny, but it’s really not. The applicator on this is really nice, it makes it so easy to create a sharp wing, and I am all for anything that makes eyeliner easier. Also, this dries really quick and stays put all day, I’m glad I stumbled across this.


Cotton pads. Boring. Again, not sure how, but I didn’t have any cotton pads. Superdrug had a triple pack on offer, I nabbed that up! I now have one pack at my boyfriends, one pack at home, and one pack as a backup. I am sorted. I’m not really fussy about cotton pads, any will do, and these were cheap.


Tea Tree Face wash and Toner. The Body Shop save me every time, I have been having real face issues and need to fix it, bam, this stuff is magic. If you’re suffering with blemishes, go and get some of this stuff, it’s insane. This was on a 3 for 2 offer so I nabbed up two of the face washes and had a £5 voucher on my loyalty card thing, so this was a bargain!


Camomile Makeup Remover. This is my holy grail, won’t live without makeup remover from the Body Shop, I love it, it’s so easy, so soothing, I have been through who knows how much of this stuff, and I was down to my last little splash, so needed more. This is as simple as putting some on a cotton pad, holding it over your eyes for a minute and wiping away. So quick, so easy, so lovely. I picked up two of these, one for home, one for at my boyfriends, I use this all the time, and it’s far too much effort to take one to and from my boyfriend’s, because I’m lazy, so I just keep one there. This was also on a three for two so I picked up the below too!


The Tea Tree Face Clearing Lotion. This stuff is also amazing, and mine was nearly empty, so I needed another. I should point out that this 2nd lot of Body Shop stuff was actually on a separate visit, and I had another £5 voucher, so bargain! I clearly shop there way too much. This lotion has seriously been working wonders for my skin, I love it, it’s cooling, but still has that Tea Tree feeling, so you know its working. I will say that the tube is a little small for my liking, but what can you do?


I also picked myself up a new pair of sunglasses, although not a total essential, I did need a new pair as my old ones are a bit small and hurt my head a bit, and I much prefer this lighter style rather than my chunky old black ones. I really like these, and picked them up from New Look for something ridiculous like £3.99? Cheap and cheerful!


There you have it, my recent essentials stock up! I love shopping for beauty bits, so when it’s essentials and I can do it guilt free I love it even more! What are your beauty essentials? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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