Whilst doing my makeup the other day, I was really fricking hot. That really is my inspiration behind this look, I needed something light which wouldn’t take me too long or make me feel like I needed to keep on top of it. Simple and summery. 

Let’s crack on with it. As always I prepped my face with my beloved Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion, I love this stuff, it cools my face, wakes me up, immediately makes me feel fresh and prepped for the rest.

For my face: I hadn’t reached for this in a while, but as I was so incredibly hot I couldn’t think of anything worse than my usual beloved matte foundations, so for this face, I went with my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, in the shade Ivory, because I’m pale. I used probably not even a whole pump of this, because I needed it to be thin due to how hot it was. Have I mentioned how hot it was? It was hot. I blended out this tiny amount of foundation with my beloved buffer brush. I then popped a little bit of my Urban Decay’s Naked Skin concealer on my blemishes and a little bit under my eyes. I blended this out with my buffer brush again. I followed up with a light dusting of Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder, because although it was too hot for a matte foundation, I’m all about that matte finish.

Contour was my ever favourite Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt, you know how contour works, a bit of the dark side under the cheek boned, following the natural line set by your ear, bit down either side of the nose, bit on the temples and a bit under the jaw. Highlight was just the matte highlighter in this duo, you know how highlighter works, a bit on the cheek bones, a bit on the bridge of the nose, a bit on the forehead, a bit on the cupids bow. Bam, defined face. Blush was just a tiny brushing of one of the lighter shades from my Makeup Revolution Blush Queen palette, just a tiny bit, like tiny, it was hot enough and my cheeks were pink enough.


Eyes wise: I primed my eyes with the Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream, although its main function is not an eye primer, it does an amazing job as one. I received this as a sample in one of my Birchboxes, and really need to buy a full sized one! I simply rubbed a bit of this all over my eye area. Wow, I make it sounds like I put so little effort into my face… However it was hot, and I wanted to get this whole thing over and done with. For my eyeshadow I used the wonderful Tartelette In Bloom palette, using ‘Flower Child’ all over as a transition colour, ‘Smarty Pants’ kind of all over and in the crease, ‘Rebel’ in the crease to darken it up a little bit, ‘Charmer’ as a brow bone highlight, and ‘Funny Girl’ in the inner corner and blended up to the centre of the lid to add a bit of glow, I really only used the tiniest bit of this though. Have I mentioned it was really hot? Lashes, Seventeen’s Long Lash mascara, yeah, I’m still loving that. Brows, Seventeen again, their brow pencil, not sure if this has a specific name, but it’s a brow pencil and I love it.

Lips: It was hot, I didn’t want any of that matte stuff. Simply a sweep of NYX’s Butter Gloss in the shade ‘Angels Food Cake’, wonderful.

That’s it, that’s me ready to go out into the incredibly hot outdoor world. This incredibly quick and simple summer look has been worn a lot recently, as in this rare heat I can not be bothered to do the whole face thing. I do really like this look though, also I did kind of rush it and not put that much into it, I’m pleased with how it came out, and it has been very easy to replicate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 23.13.15

I feel like this post has been very rambly, and probably not been the easiest or most comfortable to read? Please let me know and I’ll consider not doing it again, unless you’ve enjoyed this, in which case let me know of that also!

What’s been your go to summer look so far in the heat? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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