I had been eyeing up this palette for goodness knows how long, but if you live in the UK you will know, Tarte is next to impossible to get hold of without paying your weight in gold for shipping. But guess who’s a lucky girl and managed to get hold of this from some lovely relatives visiting the USA! 

Living in the UK does mean that access to some brands is next to impossible, and that is certainly the case with Tarte. I had been longing after this gorgeous Tartelette 2 palette for a long time, and then discovered that some relatives were heading over to Florida, and wanted to know if I wanted anything brought back for me… Excitement here we come.

I was absolutely thrilled when they came back to see that they had managed to pop into a Sephora store for me and pick this up! I was then informed that it wasn’t quite ‘popping in’ and took them an hour bus journey and some searching to find one, my bad! But they managed it, and for that I am so very grateful! Ordering from Tarte online this palette would have been £33.00 plus £12.40 postage, so about £45. To me, that’s a bit excessive, so I got this for £30, as family brought it back to me from the US, avoiding shipping costs, yay! Anyway, let’s get to what you’re here for, the palette.



This beauty is by far, the prettiest palette I own, from the gorgeous packaging to the stunning shades. It’s just so beautiful! For a while I did not dare to use it, I didn’t want to ruin the gorgeous debossed ‘tarte’ in each pan, but I soon came to the realisation that I was being ridiculous. This gorgeous palette needed to be shown some love. For the past month, this palette has been everything to me, I have used it almost constantly, which means that the ‘tarte’ stamps are now unfortunately history in most of the pans.

This palette has 12 shades of both matte and shimmer eyeshadows, 9 matte and 3 shimmer shades, all of which go together perfectly, and are all so wearable on an everyday basis. The palette seems to be organised so that each set of four creates a perfect eye look, all 3 rows across go perfectly together, but if you then look at each four as a quad, you can see they also go together to create flawless colour combination. As a lover of warm tones, this palette is perfect to me, as it’s full of them. Immediately upon opening this palette you are introduced to the smell, the gorgeously glorious smell of chocolate and vanilla, it’s heavenly! The scent is very similar to that of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, which is also heavenly.

Let’s do some swatching.

‘Charmer’, ‘Jetsetter’, ‘Rocker’ & ‘Smokeshow’.
‘Flower Child’, ‘Smarty Pants’, ‘Firecracker’ & ‘Activist’.
‘Funny Girl’, ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Rebel’ & ‘Leader’.

I always say this, but I apologise for my poor swatching abilities. I’ll never understand how someone can take a decent picture of their own arm! Anyway…

You can quite clearly see from these swatches that the pigment in these shadows in very impressive. I shall point out at this point that these swatches were created by rubbing my finger over the shadow and then over my arm. There is no primer used here, no building up of the colours, a simple swipe. These feel incredible to touch, very buttery and smooth, they feel luxurious and I believe that luxury is carried through the colour pay off. The only colour that may look odd on the swatches is the incredibly invisible ‘Flower Girl’, but I promise you that is only because the colour of this shadow is almost identical to the colour of my skin. That being said, ‘Flower Girl’ does make a brilliant transition colour for the others to blend with. On the topic of blending, these gorgeously buttery smooth shadows blend like a dream, and also build like a dream if you’re after a more intense colour. I really can’t fault them in this department.

When using these on the eye, I am able to use them without a primer if I’m just after them lasting through my work day, these shadows did not crease up on me as badly as the Too Faced ones did without a primer, but it kind of goes without saying… If you want an eyeshadow to last all day, use an eye primer. By the time I got home from work, these would be starting to crease, which was okay for me, as that’s when I take my makeup off. But if I were to be going out in the evening, that would be no good, so just use a primer.

No palette goes without its faults though, and this palette does have a couple that I would like to point out. Fallout. Where the Too Faced palette had minimal fall out but creased up, this palette didn’t crease out but had some fallout issues. This is combatted by remembering to tap the excess off of your brush, but it is a little bit irritating as the rest of this palette is flawless. The other thing which bugged me about this just a little bit, is that there is/was no protective film over the mirror protecting it? I know this is a minor, minor thing, but it’s the sort of thing that annoys someone like me, who keeps all of the protective films on everything. I can look past it though.


I am finding this to be a perfect palette for spring/summer, and have been using this non-stop, I love it. I am able to create such a variety of looks, and for some reason these feel very light on the lid, which makes them perfect for those uncomfortably hot days. The shade ‘Funny Girl’ is absolutely stunning for a bit of a shimmer, and I’m finding ‘Charmer’ to be the perfect matte highlight for under the brow bone. ‘Smarty Pants’ has been my go to simple all over the lid colour, and to amp it up I have been loving ‘Rebel’ in the crease. For a glam look, ‘Firecracker’ is the perfect pan,  but to be honest, I love every single shade this palette has to offer.

Overall, I am loving this palette, and will continue to love it. Would I pay £13 on shipping for it? No. Would I spend £33 on it in stores? Yes! As a first impression on Tarte as a whole, this being the only Tarte product I own, I am thoroughly impressed, and this undeniably makes me want more  of their products. In order to get free shipping to the UK you have to spend a whopping £86, which I can’t imagine happening any time soon, who knows though, perhaps some day.

What are your thought of this Tartelette 2 In Bloom eyeshadow palette? What are your thoughts on Tarte as a whole? Is it worth the £13 shipping fee? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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