My favourite time of the month has come around again, it’s time for Papergang! This is my third instalment of the adorable stationery subscription box from Ohh Deer, and I think this is my favourite one so far.

Just as a quick recap, and incase you aren’t familiar with Papergang, The box costs £9.95 and is available to be shipped world wide. If you want to become a ‘Paper Ganster’ please join us here. What I really enjoy about this subscription box also, is that on a little card it includes the RRP of each item, so you know exactly how much your box is worth!

I had a slight issue with my box this month, mine arrived with a gaping hole through it… I was gutted, as this months box is the prettiest to date! After dropping a quick email to Ohh Deer’s customer service team, another one was sent out to me immediately, this time covered in bubble wrap. Unfortunately, yet again the package had a hole in the front, but thanks to the abundance of bubble wrap, the box was fine this time! Maybe my postman is sick of subscription boxes and has decided to put holes in them now…


Anyway, onwards and upwards! This month’s box had a Jade Walsh theme, with the box itself being her cactus print. As usual, the contents of the box were delicately wrapped in tissue, waiting to be discovered, but before unwrapping that, we can see that I received two adorable little pencils. These pencils appear to have a seasonal theme, the blue one being spring-like with a tiny gold foil daisy, and the yellow one being autumn-like with a tiny gold foil leaf. I think these are absolutely adorable, possibly too cute to use. These might just end up being on display on my desk.

Next up we have this adorable magnetic shopping list pad. This is designed by Jade Walsh, with her cactus print, which is the theme of this months box. I love a good list pad, and I know that this is going to be well loved in the household when stuck on the kitchen fridge. We do currently have a magnetic list pad, but we are getting through that one quite quickly! I will admit though, it might be a little small for the size of our shopping lists sometimes… Might have to use two pages!


Also received in this months box is a gorgeous A4ish notebook, for ‘Notes & Doodles’, again this is Jade Walsh’s Cacus print, matching the theme of the box. I love it when things match, it makes me so happy. That’s part of the reason I love working in Paperchase, everything is organised in ranges. Anyway, back to the point, this has squared paper, which I haven’t used since doing maths in school however many years ago, but I’m sure I can find a use for this.


I believe that the cutest thing in this month’s box is these absolutely fricking adorable Crane Scissors. They’re literally a crane, look at them, they’re beautiful. I don’t think anyone would believe me if I told you I am always after tiny scissors, to cut up tiny things, I usually end up using nail scissors, but now I actually have a pair of tiny scissors. I am so happy. They’re gold in colour and look rather expensive, in reality they retail for £5.95, but I think they look like they’re worth more than that.


Finally, Papergang wouldn’t be Papergang without an adorable funny print or card. This month is is the month of the Party Rhino. I don’t think this beats the raccoon in a sweater, but it’s still great. I love having cards ready for when it is suddenly a special occasion that I have forgotten about, then I don’t need to run out and buy a card. Genius, I know.


That brings us to the end of this month’s Papergang, I hope you have enjoyed the stationery infused adorable-ness. I have absolutely loved this month’s box, it is certainly my favourite one so far, and I can’t fault Ohh Deer’s customer service for their super fast replacement of my damaged box! If you’re interested in signing up for this stationery box, please join us here. For only £9.95 I believe this box is amazing, and they do ship worldwide.

What’s your favourite bit from this months box? Are you subscribed, or do you want to be?! Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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