I don’t even know where to begin this post, other than saying that I have fallen in love with these matte liquid lipsticks from Molly Cosmetics. If you want a matte lipstick that lasts and is light weight, look no further.

Whilst scrolling through the world of Instagram, I stumbled upon this, the Instagram page of Molly Cosmetics. Immediately I was completely drawn to their liquid lipsticks and had to, absolutely had to place an order. It was a tough choice, but I narrowed it down to two shades that I had to order, although I happily could have had them all (but you know, I needed to make sure they were worth buying before I had them all!).


The shades I picked up were the gorgeous ‘Gaga’ and ‘Diva’, both wonderful deep pink nudes. It did not take me long at all to fall in love with these, from the packaging, consistency, colour and power of these liquid lipsticks, everything is faultless. The people at Molly Cosmetics too are faultless, with amazing customer service, a great online presence, fast and free delivery and a hand written thank you card. You can tell  from these things that they care and that their customers and support means a lot to them.

Just to provide a bit of information about Molly Cosmetics, they’re an indie makeup brand, based in Hong Kong (but offer FREE worldwide shipping!), all of their products are cruelty free, paraben free and gluten free, as well as being wonderful value for money. These liquid lipsticks are long lasting, smudge-proof, totally kissable, light weight and vivid in colour. Individually these liquid lipsticks sell for Β£11.26 (converted to GBP), however bundles are available! And, if you use my discount code ‘JADE’ you will receive 10% off your order!

Gaga‘ was the first shade that I knew I had to own, I had seen this one appear multiple times on their Instagram page, so could tell it was a popular and well loved shade. I am thoroughly pleased with this, the colour is absolutely gorgeous and looks so flattering on the lips. When ordering online you can never be too certain of the shade, on the Molly Cosmetics website this looked a lot darker, however from their Instagram pictures, I knew to expect it to be lighter, and I love it. The staying power of this is absolutely insane, after applying and waiting about 40 seconds for it to dry properly, it isn’t going anywhere. I can physically rub my hands all over this and it won’t budge, amazing. At first I was a little dubious of the applicator, as it’s so long, but it’s actually shockingly easy to apply and follow the natural line of your lips perfectly. And on that note, there is absolutely no need for a lip liner with these, there is no bleeding or smearing or smudging.

Diva‘ was the second shade that I settled on ordering, although this was a tougher choice as I had not seen so much of this one, but equally I was not disappointed at all, and love this one just as much as ‘Gaga’! This is much more of a red toned nude colour, and again is gorgeous on the lips, I adore it. Everything I said about ‘Gaga’ applies to this too, it’s long lasting, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, light weight, and stunning. Although on the packaging it says to avoid eating greasy foods, I did devour a subway whilst wearing this, and it stayed put! I couldn’t be more impressed!

If you’re on the hunt for some amazing, long lasting, matte, light weight, comfortable liquid lipsticks, I suggest you end your hunt here, and get your hands on some of these beauties. Whilst wearing, they feel like you have nothing on, they are not drying all all to the lips and provide intense and vivid colour. I love these, and I really think that you will too!


You can get your hands on any of the Molly Cosmetics liquid lipstick shades (or bundles) here, and you can use my discount code ‘JADE’ to get yourself 10% off your order. Molly Cosmetics offer FREE worldwide shipping, and amazing customer service. I’m already planning my next orders from this wonderful brand, and I suggest you do too! What makes this brand even better is that by ordering from them, you know you’re supporting a smaller company, and that’s just a wonderful added bonus!

What do you think of these wonderful products? Have you ever tried anything from Molly Cosmetics yourself? Let me know, and as always chat to me in the comments! Also, if you’re feeling kind, go and give my blog’s Facebook page a like, Instagram a follow and add me on snapchat: Jadeyrae. Also make sure you’re following my blog to see all the exciting things I have lined up! x