I am a total sucker for The Body Shop, I can not go past a shop without going in it, and almost undoubtedly buying something. My local store has just had a huge re-vamp and had their re-opening this weekend, so had some great deals on.

I was curious to see what the new store looked like, and I knew that there were some great package bargains and freebies going on, so I absolutely had to go in whilst I was in town this weekend. Although I wanted a nose around, I only had the intention of picking up a shower gel… but I came out with a whole lot more!

Let’s dive in…


The one thing I actually intended on purchasing and moderately needed was a shower gel. I was after the Moringa one as I had tried the smaller size and loved it, and I use the body sorbet in the Moringa fragrance, so wanted the shower gel to match. All of the shower gels however were on offer for 2 for £6, so seeing as one was £4, I picked up another in the Pink Grapefruit fragrance what I had been tempted to try out but never picked up before. The Moringa is a gorgeous fresh floral scent, whereas the Pink Grapefruit is more of a sweet and zingy fragrance.

The Body Shop is my absolute go to place for shower gels, I adore them. And can we talk about how cute all the new packaging it? I had seen this new packaging being slowly introduced, but now the store has been re done and all the packaging matches, it looks amazing. The bottles are super cute.

This Polynesian Island set was an amazing deal, and after chatting with the saleslady, I couldn’t say no to this. The ladies in my local Body Shop store are always so lovely, and really helpful! This set was a bit of an exclusive, as it apparently isn’t officially released until next week, but as the store was having a grand re-opening they were putting it out early, and goodness I am happy to have my hands on it. This set was £19.50 and contains a perfume, a shower gel and a body lotion. The perfume alone should have cost £18, so you can see what an amazing offer this pack way.

The scent of this is sort of similar to the floral Moringa scent, which I really love, but has a hint of vanilla and something sweet. Scents are really difficult to explain, but this is lovely, and when it’s out everywhere else I suggest you go and smell it. I like having different products with the same fragrance, as it means I can layer the fragrance and know it will stay with me. There’s nothing I dislike more than using a raspberry shower gel, plum body lotion and vanilla body mist, I like to smell the same, which I can clearly achieve with this set!

Finally, as my spend was just over £25, I got a free goodie bag of makeup products worth £34! If that isn’t a brilliant deal I don’t know what is, you can not get better than free. My experience with The Body Shop makeup is limited, although they are my go to place for skincare and bath and body products, their makeup has just never caught my eye, but as I say, you can’t beat free so this is a great way for me to broaden my Body Shop horizons.

I got a gorgeous golden warm toned eyeshadow quad, a black pencil eyeliner and a beautiful rose lip and cheek tint in my little set. So far I am loving the lip tint, I’ve been getting into lip tints recently, but I can’t say that I would use this on my cheeks ever! The eyeshadow quad is perfect for a quick glam eye, as the shades go together perfectly and the back of the packaging has a ‘guide’ on how and where to apply each shade for a gorgeous golden shimmery eye. The pencil is not so impressive, it’s just a pencil eyeliner, very basic, but another one to add to my ever growing collection of pencil eyeliners that I never use.

Overall I am super happy with al of the bits I managed to pick up, even if I didn’t intend on buying most of it! I can’t complain at a bargain, and that’s certainly what I got! My bathroom basket of shower gels is now wonderfully replenished and I’m going to be smelling great!

What’s your favourite Body Shop scent? Are you into the sweet scents or the florals? What do you think of The Body Shop’s revamping of packaging and stores?! Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments.