When it comes to affordable but really lovely lip products, my first call is NYX. I absolutely adore their Soft Matte Lip Creams, and wanted to venture out a little more. As spring has sprung, it’s now the season for glosses, so there was no better excuse for me to get my hands on these NYX Butter Glosses.

Whenever I’m shopping for NYX products, my go to place is always Feel Unique, as I don’t have a drug store that stocks them nearby… In fact, I’ve never been in any store that sells NYX products… What a disappointment. If you too need to buy online, use this link and get yourself 15% off at Feel Unique!


So with my most recent Feel Unique order I picked up four of the NYX Butter Glosses, in the shades ‘Devils Food Cake’, ‘Cherry Pie’, ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’, and ‘Angels Food Cake’, so as you can see, I went for all the desert themed names! I did actually also pick up another of the NYX Matte Lip Creams too, in the gorgeous shade ‘Prague’, and if you want to know what I think of those, you can check out my post all about them here!

As a whole, I am thoroughly impressed with these lip glosses. When I hear the word gloss I automatically assume it’s going to have a high shine for all of about 20 seconds and be sticky on the lips for all of about 2 hours with really poor colour pay off, so usually I stay away from them, but that couldn’t be more wrong for these butter glosses. The colour pay off of these is incredibly strong, and buildable, with a gorgeous shine and they’re actually not all that sticky!

I can understand why they’re called Butter Glosses, they’ve got quite a thick and buttery consistency, which I can imagine is what helps the colour come out so strong, but this also means that it’s really easy to give your lips a decent coating of gloss and be done with it, in a comfortable and easy way. These feel really lovely on the lips, not too sticky or tacky, but as they are a gloss, you must be realistic is realising that there is an element of stickiness, but it’s minimal, I swear.

Here we have the ‘Devil’s Food Cake’ and the ‘Angel’s Food Cake’ Butter Gloss swatches. These two are my favourites of the four I picked up, ‘Angel’s Food Cake’ is a little bit more of a favourite as it’s that bit more wearable, for everyday use, and I think it suits me a little bit more. This surprises me, as typically I am the sort of girl that goes for dark lipstick every day of my life… But you can see how good the colour pay off is from these, and the gorgeous shine.

These swatches are of ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’, and of these two I definitely prefer ‘Cherry Pie’. I wasn’t really expecting ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’ to be quite so pink, I was after more of a muted pink that a ‘barbie’ pink, but then I suppose I would have been too close to ‘Angel’s Food Cake’ as that is a more of a muted nude pink. It’s great to see that the colour in the red gloss comes out so wonderfully though, leaving the lovely shine too. I thin that having a pretty red gloss like this will make a great alternative to a red lipstick in the summer, and I am excited to play with it more.

I know for a fact that I will certainly be getting the most use of of ‘Angel’s Food Cake’, it’s such a gorgeous colour, and is so wearable for every day. Spring/Summer really is the time to start bringing out the lip glosses and putting the mattes away, however hard this may be! I know I wont be butting the mattes away completely, but I have good intentions to at least try.

Have you tried out the NYX Butter Glosses before? What are your favourite shades, and are there any I need to pick up? Or is there a gloss out there better? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!