Receiving my Birchbox has quickly become one of the highlights of my month. This months box, however, has been the best one so far, by a mile! I found so many great products in this little box of wonders. 

Just a quick rundown of what you can expect from Birchbox, the package is £12.95 including delivery, so this subscription box doesn’t break the bank, and for what you pay there are some wonders inside! The box theme this month was ‘For The Dreamers’, which is very very pretty, and the silver top scratches off like a scratch card to reveal more of the colourful pattern underneath! As before, the items were inside a little drawstring bag inside the box, waiting to be discovered.

Let’s dive in to what I received this month! First up is the Spectrum Collection Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge, which retails for £4.99. This is obviously a full size product, I’m not sure how you would present someone with half of a tool… Basically, this is Spectrums more affordable version of a beauty blender. Subscribers had a choice between the purple one or the pink one, and I went for purple, I’m not really a pink sorta girl. I feel that everyone knows how to use one of these, dampen it and pat in any liquid or cream makeup products, essentially. I’m super pleased with this little ‘Unicorn Tear’, and can’t wait to try it out!

Next is The Balm’s Staniac in the shade ‘Beauty Queen’. This is a tiny little sample of 0.04 oz, and the full size retails for £10 which contains 0.3 0z. I really, really like this! It’s an absolutely gorgeous colour, although it looks a little daunting in the tube, it applies wonderfully in a gel form, and dries to leave a gorgeous stain on the lips. This I feel is absolutely perfect for a ‘no makeup’ sort of makeup look, as it gives you that pop of lip colour, but does not look like you’re wearing a lipstick. Initially this is quite sticky, however once it if fully dried, it’s really comfortable on the lips. I can imagine I will purchase this when this sample runs out.


I also received a sample of the PK Prep Polishing Balm, of which the full size retails at £18.50, for comparison, the sample size is 0.67 oz, and the full size is 2.5 oz. This is incredible. It’s basically a hair smoothing, frizz free styling balm. You apply it to towel dried hair through the mid lengths and ends, then blow dry and style your hair. After drying my hair when I had used this, my hair looked and felt the softest and smoothest I think it has ever felt, and it didn’t even need straightening. Woke up the next day, it still didn’t need straightening. I am thoroughly impressed with this product, and definitely want more of it!


I also got a sample of the Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet, the full size of this product retails for £23. I would say this is the dud of the box for me. I mean, it moisturises, it does what it claims to do, and the sample size of 0.33 oz is fairly generous, but I am just not convinced by this. It smells weird, I think that’s the main thing, I don’t like the scent. I will most likely use it up, but I wouldn’t think of buying it myself. That’s not to say it’s not a bad product though, it moisturises well.


When I saw this Rituals Tao Wai Wang Exfoliating Body Scrub I immediately thought “I have to go and have a shower and try this right now”, and that is exactly what I did. The full size of this retails for £19.50 and has 325ml of scrub, this sample size has 70ml, which I think is very generous. I have been looking into some of Ritual’s products, so was absolutely thrilled to see this poking out of May’s box. This smells amazing, feels amazing, and left my skin fresh as a daisy, feeling soft and incredible. I have fallen in love with this, and can imagine I will be purchasing in future, although this sample will last a while!


Finally, I got a tiny little sample of some Vita Coco Coconut Oil, the full size retails for £9.99, and I actually already have some. Coconut oil is great for all sorts, I find especially on dry skin patches. This can also be used as an eye makeup remover, an overnight hair mask, a moisturiser, all sorts. So now I’ve got a little bit extra.


That’s everything I got in May’s For The Dreamers Birchbox, I don’t think I could be much happier with this box! Okay, maybe if the moisturiser smelled a little bit better, but all in all I have really enjoyed this months box. If you’re thinking of subscribing, I would say this month is the month to do so, as these gems are great, you can subscribe to Birchbox here, using my referral code to get yourself £5 worth of Birchbox points, which can be redeemed for anything in the shop!

Have you tried out any of the products I got this month? What do you think of them? or would you purchase them in the future? Let me know, and as always, chat to me in the comments!