I’m not going to call it a makeup bag, because it’s not a makeup bag, it’s way too small to be a makeup bag, and I need to get my butt into gear and get myself a proper makeup bag. This tiny thing is getting ridiculous now, but on to the point, these are the things that I carry around with me in my cosmetics case on a day to day basis!

I try to keep the bits I carry around with me to a minimum, as I really do not have the strength to carry everything around with me. I take my laptop basically everywhere I go, and I can’t fit a load of makeup in my bag too! But some bits I just have to have on me for little touch ups through the day or if I end up staying at my boyfriends and need to do a simple makeup look the next day. Here we go!


The first thing that I have on me at all times is my MAC Studio Fix powder in the shade C3. This powder is a miracle working thing, it gives me flawlessly matte skin and does a pretty good coverup job by itself, so can be worn alone. This also works really well as a setting powder over concealer and foundation with a light dusting, still providing that matte finish to the skin. The compact has a little mirror in it too, which comes in super handy for doing makeup on the go, which I do more often than I would like to admit. The small sponge applicator in the bottom part of the compact is also wonderful, and works really well to apply the powder. I will say, I am currently looking for a replacement to this. I have been through a few of them and have decided that is enough is enough, and after finishing this I will not but another as I really want to go cruelty free. So if you have any suggestions for a cruelty free alternative to this powder, please let me know!


The other essentials in my cosmetics case are foundation and concealer, obviously. I have been loving the Maybelline Dream velvet foundation for a while now, and am coming to the end of this one, I can’t decide if I will purchase another one or try something different, we will see! But a foundation is essential, and this one works wonders and is a perfect size for my ridiculously small cosmetics case. The matte finish is great, the coverage is buildable and I just really like it.

For concealer it has to be the trusty Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, I have mentioned before I believe here and here how wonderful this stuff is. It’s like magic in a bottle, it has insane coverage, is amazingly blendable, leaves my skin looking flawless and is just plain wonderful. This is definitely an essential to me, and a must have on me, I don’t think I could be without this.

Next up is mascara, I must have a mascara on my person, If I don’t have time to apply my mascara in the morning I will apply it whenever I actually do have the time, so need it with me. Most regularly I end up applying my mascara in the car before I go to work. This Maybelline Lash Sensational has been a solid favourite for a while now, although I have recently discovered something which might be taking its place, but you will hear more about that in the future. But anyway, mascara is essential, it opens the eyes, makes you look and feel more awake and is just a must.


Another thing I carry around with me is my trusty Makeup RevolutionDouble Flick Thick and Thin Eyeliner, I absolutely love this stuff, and have been through a couple now. This applies like an absolute dream and lasts all day! The different ends gives you the option of a thicker dramatic liner or a thin elegant liner, and I love having that choice, or you can use both to achieve that sharp flick on your cat eye. I will continue to use and use this liner, as it is honestly the best I have ever used. As for why it’s in my cosmetics case, I don’t wear eyeliner every day, mostly because I just don’t have time every day… but if I have a spare 10 minutes (yes it takes that long, don’t lie to me) I like to have the option to do it, so it’s got to be on my person!

Finally, the last essential on my small list is a lip balm. Since receiving the Arrow Colour Enhancing Lip Balm in my Birchbox subscription, it has held its place in my cosmetics case. I love the look and the feel of this, not only does it hydrate my lips and have an ever so slight plumping effect, it gives my lips a lovely pink hue, which is supposedly perfect for me. This lip balm adjusts to the pH of your skin to create the ‘perfect for you hue’, and I think it does a pretty wonderful job.

If I’m wearing a lipstick I will usually throw that in there too, but no lipstick has a permanent home in the blue rubber pouch. I will say though, I have been loving the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 08 recently, it’s a lovely sheer nude, and it’s held a place in there for a few days, which I think is the longest any lipstick has actually stayed in there! I’m not saying this is going to become an essential, it’s not, and it’s definitely not one of my favourite lipsticks, but it’s holding up well at the moment.


Well that’s it for the ‘essentials’ that I carry around with me in my ridiculously small blue rubber cosmetics case. If I had it my way there would be a brush or two in there, a couple of lipsticks, a small eyeshadow palette maybe… but as I said, it’s small and I lack the space and strength. These bits get me by when they’re all I’ve got, and work wonderfully for a quick easy on the go look or touch ups if needed. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight to my makeup.

What do you carry around with you every day as your makeup essentials? Any similar products? Any shocking differences? Let me know, and as always chat to me in the comments!

I would also be interested to know if you like this sort of post, I’ve not done anything like this before and would be interested to know!