My second Papergang box arrived, and it’s pink! I am already in love with this subscription box, and was so excited for this months one to arrive. If you didn’t know, this is the stationery brand ‘Ohh Deer’s monthly box, and it’s amazing! 

If you want to subscribe to the Papergang you can do so here, and become a Paper Gangster like me! Seriously though, if you’re in to cute stationery, you will love this. Also, they ship worldwide!! The box costs £9.95, and this months box has a contents worth around £25, so it’s worth it!

This months box was adorably pink, and had a cut out ‘Make a Deer’, which is super cute! Last months was a ‘Make a Rhino’, so I can imagine I will be building up a collection of cardboard animals! Now let’s get into the contents.

Firstly, I was most excited when I saw this adorable desk top note pad sitting in my box! I’m all about a good desk planner, so this will most definitely be utilised at work on my desk. I love taking notes and making lists of things I need to get done, not only is this adorable with a lovely summery tropical boarder, but it’s wonderfully practical and looks great on my desk!


Next up is this little ruler! I don’t actually own a ruler that I know the location of, until now! This is a wooden ruler with a triangular pattern on it. I don’t really have much to say about this one… its 15cm, it will be put in my pen pot.

I also received these sweet art prints in this months Papergang box. The flamingo print is A5 sized and the pineapple print is A4. I absolutely can not recall the name of the artist who made these, and I feel awful about that… I’m sorry ):

I got a couple more greetings cards out of this months box, one being a sweet little red raccoon in a sweater, and another is the ‘Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles’, and is absolutely as funny as it sounds. I just need a middle aged person to give it to now!


Finally, I also received a 10% off voucher, nothing much I know, but the print on it is absolutely hilarious! It depicts ‘popular eyebrow styles’ such as ‘strong’ and ‘regular’ and then just goes on to be totally ridiculous with ‘wi-fi’, ‘blobfish’ and ‘cheesy puff’… Well, you can see for yourself!

That’s everything that I received in this months Papergang box, I have absolutely loved it, just as much as I did last month! I already can’t wait for the next one, and if you too would like to subscribe to Papergang and become a Papergangster please do so here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the second installment of the Papergang subscription box, and please as always, chat to me in the comments!