Typically I am not a fan of LUSH, in fact I have always quite disliked it! That, however, has been changing recently. After trying a couple of bits, I was more willing to give their products a go.

I was given ‘The Magic of Christmas’ bubble bar as a gift from my aunt and I absolutely loved it, that being said, I was hesitant to buy more as I despise the idea of spending £5 on something that I can only use once or twice. But, why can I only get that many uses? I can easily break a bubble bar down and get four or five uses… This is the turning point for me.

So, I recently popped into my local LUSH store and picked up a few bubble bars. I picked up: ‘The Comforter’, ‘Brightside’ and ‘Big Bang’.

‘The Comforter’ I believe is like the classic of the bubble bars. This is a very pretty swirl of pink and white and smells gorgeous! This bar is considered ‘supersized’, and it is recommended that you crumble half of it under running water, but I think I can certainly get more than two uses out of this, perhaps three or four? This has a lovely, sweet and fruity scent, black current to be exact, it smells like black current sweets and really makes me want some purple starbursts! ‘The Comforter’ bubble bar contains Cassis Absolute, obtained from black current shrubs, which is what give it the distinctive scent, making it comforting and fruits. It also contains bergamot oil, a citrus oil to clear skin and provide an uplifting fragrance. Finally, this contains cypress oil, for calming and toning.

‘Brightside’ is similar to ‘The Comforter’ in size and style, it is a gorgeous swirl of red, orange and yellow, and again it is ‘supersized’, so I will probably get three or four uses out of this. ‘Bright’ definitely is the correct description for this bubble bar as its scent is very bright and uplifting. It has a wonderful citrus scent and is so refreshing! This contains tangerine oil, which gives it the amazing scent whilst also toning the skin, again this contains bergamot oil, adding to the uplifiting citrus scent and cleansing the skin, and finally this bubble bar contains gardenia extract, which apparently is what gives it the colour!

Finally, ‘Bing Bang’. This bubble bar is a smaller size than the others, so I will probably only be able to get two or three uses out of this one, which is unfortunate as it smells amazing. This is really sweet and citrusy, but not citrusy in the same way as ‘Brightside’. This contains grapefruit oil, which is really refreshing, cleansing and brightening. ‘Big Bang’ also contains avocado butter, which is great for hydration and skin nourishment, and finally it also contains tangerine oil, similarly to ‘Brightside’, giving it the citrus scent, which is sweetened by the grapefruit.

After using ‘The Comforter’ I can understand why this is a classic, but what I can’t understand is why I ever thought that I disliked LUSH? I think it was the overpowering smell of all the products mixed together, but individually this was wonderful. I found that a quarter of this was plenty for one bath, creating loads of bubbles and turning the water a gorgeous pink colour. The bubbles made lasted throughout my bath and felt really nourishing and luxurious. I hate bubbles that only last 5 minutes, what is the point?

As for ‘Brightside’, this made tonnes of bubbles! I used probably about a fifth of the bar and it produced so many bubbles. This smells gorgeous, citrusy but warm, leaving the bath water a vibrant orange. I think this one might steal the top spot as my favourite, I thoroughly enjoyed my bath with this, and again it felt nourishing and luxurious.

I have to admit that ‘Big Bang’ was a bit of a disappointment to me, although this had a wonderful sweet citrus scent and did leave my bath a beautiful shade of blue, I just didn’t feel the nourishment that I felt with the other two, and the bubbles were not so long lasting. I had to use half of this bar to get half decent bubbles, so in order to get the bubble quality I saw with the others, I would have had to use the whole bar, which I would not be prepared to do. I don’t think I would pick this one up again.

So, overall, ‘Brightside’ stole the show for me, being my favourite of the LUSH bubble bar’s I have tried so far. ‘The Comforter’ was definitely comforting, and I will definitely expand my LUSH experience. Are there any bubble bars that you would recommend to me? I think I want to try the ‘Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds’ one, I seem to be drawn to the swirly ones!

Have you tried out these bubble bars, or do you plan on? Share your recommendations with me, and as always, chat to me in the comments!

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