Welcome to yet another Makeup Revolution Haul! I clearly buy way too many of their products, oops! If you’re familiar with MUR then you probably know that over the Easter weekend they were offering a free mystery bag to anyone who spent £30 or more on their website, and would you have ever guessed that is exactly what I did? Which means I got my hands on some freebies!

Within this haul post I will be going through the things that I actually paid for and had been dreaming about purchasing. Following MUR on Instagram and having their post notifications on means that when something new is released, I know about it, and then want it. That is exactly what happened with a lot of these bits!

The first thing that I was excited to get my hands on was one of the new blush palettes, this one is ‘Blush Queen‘ and has 8 super pretty baked blush and highlight shades. These are really pigmented, like amazingly pigmented! From what I have tried of these so far you really only need a little bit on your brush to go a long way with this, which is great as it means the product will last a long time! Also, for only £6, you’re getting amazing value for money!

The next thing I put in my virtual basket was the newly released shimmer brick in the shade ‘Radiant‘, which is the lighter of the shades available. This can be used in multiple ways, you can use the single shades from the brick to use them individually, or swirl a brush through all of them to pick up all of the shades. This can be used for a gorgeous shimmery highlight or bronzer. For only £3, again, this is amazing value for money.

I’m new to the strobe hype that seems to be happening, but I was excited when I saw this being released by MUR. This is their Ultra Strobe Cream, designed for subtle and natural illumination and highlighting. This can be used in varying ways, it can be applied as a base underneath your makeup for an all over glow, or can just be applied to certain areas for precise highlighting. I haven’t used this yet, but I am excited to do so and find out what it’s like… I might do a more in depth review of this when I’ve tried it out and tested it a few times. This was £8, so one of MUR’s more pricey products, but still ridiculously affordable! (This also smells really nice)

This is a repurchase, and I love this eyeliner! This is MUR’s Double flick thick and thin eyeliner. As the name would suggest, one end of this felt pen eyeliner is thick, and the other is thin, allowing you to create both precise and full and thick lines. The colour payoff of this is an intense black that lasts all day. This makes creating the perfect flick or cat eye an easy job, and I would totally recommend this product to anyone, especially at the bargain price of £3.50!

This was something I just saw on the website and thought it looked interesting, this is the Ultra All Day prime and anti-shine balm. This is a primer which supposedly gives ‘invisible coverage for a flawless face’, this primer is supposed to diffuse imperfections and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, meaning it can be used alone for a flawless face or as a flawless base for your makeup. I haven’t used this yet, but I am excited to try it out and see if it does make my face as flawless as it says it will! This was £5, so super affordable, as everything from MUR is!

I have never tried a Makeup Revolution mascara before, so was intrigued to do so. This is the MUR Awesome Lash Mascara in black. The wand on this is huuuuuuge, which I love as I know it’s covering the lashes well. I tried this out when I opened it, and I was pleasantly impressed with the length it gave my lashes, but it was lacking in volume for me, as I like my lashes to be rather black and thick, however for my mother, who has really short lashes and wants pure length, it is perfect. So if you’re after length not volume, this could be a mascara for you, and at £3 you can’t really complain!

I also picked up a Pro Go Mini Brush Set, pretty self explanatory, this is just a mini handbag size set of brushes. These are really soft and feel quite luxurious for the price of £4.95, I’m rather impressed with these, and they will be living in my handbag!

My final purchases were the Pro Prime Aqua Priming Base and the Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray. I’ve been using these since the day they came through the door and am thoroughly impressed with them. The priming base gives a lovely base for my makeup, and the fixing spray does exactly what it says on the bottle and fixes everything in place all day. It claims to be oil controlling, and from what I’ve seen, it does that job too! I can imagine there will be a more in depth review of these coming up at some point when I’ve been using them for a longer period of time, but for £5 and £6, they’re great so far!

I’ll be leaving it at that today, I shall be sharing with you the contents of my mystery bag in an upcoming post in a couple of days, if I had put it all here it would have been way too long, and who can be dealing with that?! Keep your eyes peeled for that one though, as there may be a little giveaway coming up!

What are your opinion of Makeup Revolution products? Have you got any of their new releases or tried any of the bits I’ve picked up? As always, chat to me in the comments!