Goodness me, I have had some loves this month, I have been trying so many new things, and found some absolute wonders. I am so excited to be writing this months favourites, as I have loved these bits so much!

Without further rambling, let’s get straight into this!

    This picture is taken from my much earlier Bathroom Basket Post, as I can assure you, these do not look so full and new now! I was really putting off starting these because I knew how much I was going to love them and didn’t want them to run out, ever. But now that we are leaving the colder months, I thought it was time to use up my winter scented bath products. These were a christmas gift from my boyfriends mum, and goodness me she got this so right for me. The scent is everything I love, it’s warm, it’s fruity, it’s sweet, it’s delicious, I absolutely adore this. Everyone knows how good a Body Shop shower gel is, I don’t need to go into that, but the lotion, oh wow, it’s so soothing, moisturising and leaves my skin sparkling. The scrub also is the best scrub I think I have ever used. Period.
    DSC_0097 copy
    This beauty featured in my Mini Makeup Revolution Haul, and I don’t think there has been a day since getting this that I haven’t used it. I have never before been told that I look like my face has been photoshopped, which is what my mother, who saw me go from spotty teenager to flawless skin, told me. I am taking that as a compliment for myself and for this product, as it really did make my face look flawless. I’ve also been told since using this that I look tanned and just had lots of facial compliments in general, and who doesn’t like being told they look good?! I rate this product highly, and it’s clearly done some good things for my face!
    I’ve written about this previously in my Maybelline Dream post, and I still stand by everything I said there. This is so true to it’s name, and is so soft, smooth and velvety. It left my skin feeling and looking flawless, it gives great coverage and has a lovely matte finish. I don’t really have a single bad word to say about this, it’s glorious and has pushed my usual foundation to the back of the shelf!
    I got this from my very first Birchbox, which I blogged the opening of here, if you want to check that out! So although I haven’t been using this all month, the half of the month that I have had it, I have used it constantly. This stuff is incredible. The idea behind this is that the pigment adjusts to your skin’s pH, to create the ‘perfect for you hue’, meaning that this looks different on different people: amazing. Also, it feels lovely on the lips, and has a minty scent! I love everything about this little gem!
    This has lasted me so incredibly well, I have had this for so long, and still have so much of it left. I’ve been wearing my NYX matte lip creams a lot this month, so I have also been loving a good scrub after having them on all day. This smells amazing, and tastes amazing, not that you’re supposed to eat it… I don’t think…
    I received this as a gift for christmas, and have only got around to burning it this month! I love it though, although typically a winter scent, and we are now in spring, I still love it. I could be surrounded by warm spicey scents constantly though, I just love it.
    DSC_0159I got this in my March Papergang box, and I don’t know if I should really class it as a favourite, but I have thoroughly enjoyed writing in this. It fits so nicely in my laptop case and has been brilliant for noting blog ideas and writing up little drafts and stuff. It’s super handy and super cute, and I LOVED my Papergang subscription box, and can’t wait for more of those!

So that’s it for my favourites of March 2016, there have been a fair few of them! I’ve had a great month and have been introduced to so many new things, including Birchbox and Papergang, which are both amazing subscription boxes! What have your favourite things been through March? Let me know, and as always chat to me in the comments!