Anyone familiar with the stationery brand Ohh Deer will know that they recently released a monthly subscription box. This is the Papergang box, and it’s full of stationery, as you might have guessed! This excited me a lot, as I am a stationery enthusiast (I work in Paperchase, if you didn’t know) and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the first box!

This is the sweetest little subscription box, and everything about it is adorable, the packaging included. The blue sleeve that the box came in had a ‘Make a Rhino’ cut out on the back, which I thought was super cute too.

Let’s dive into the contents of this box. When I first opened this everything was wrapped lovely in blue tissue, with a little badge on top! This badge is ‘Drew’ the papergang mascot, he is an iron on patch, and I really need to find something to iron him on to! As you can see from the pictures, Drew has pencils for hair, which is pretty cool if you ask me… not that I would want pencils for hair…

This subscription box contained two pencils. These are simple wooden pencils with a white eraser topper and in gold foil written along the side is ‘PLAN OF ATTACK’. I think that these are super cute, and that little phrase is brilliant for a pencil, with which I shall write all of my attack plans! For attacking work and stuff… obviously. I have seen that some people whom received this box had pencils with different slogans, but I got two of the same!


There was a sheet of gift wrap inside the box too, this has an adorable painted animal print on it and would be perfect for wrapping a child’s gift. I never usually buy single sheets of wrapping paper as it’s so much more expensive than buying a roll, but the quality of it is so much better! I’m looking forward to an occasion to use this!


Next up was an A5 sketch book. I love a good sketch book, plain paper has so many possibilities, from sketching to collaging. I think I’m going to use this as an ‘Ideas’ space, somewhere to stick cut outs of ideas, make little notes and sketches and so on. This has a cool triangular geometric paint effect pattern on it, which I feel would look really cool as wallpaper…

I also received an A4 lined notebook, this has a sweet butterfly print on it, and in gold foil, similarly to the pencils, has ‘NOTES’ printed onto it. A lined notebook is always handy to have, and the possible uses for them are endless! I shall be using this to pre-plan blog posts I believe! It will probably end up having a whole load of other bits in it too though. I’m excited to start using this, a new fresh notebook always really excites me.

Finally, in my first Papergang box, I got three greetings cards. These are adorable cards, and greetings cards are always lovely to have to give out! My personal favourite of the ones I received is the ‘Dognut’ – A dog in a donut. This isn’t an occasion specific card, so could be given for anything, it’s cute and funny, a winner. The other cards are a Gemma Correll Pug illustration which says ‘Another Year, Another Wrinkle’, and finally Geeky grumpy cat. All of these cards are humour based, and I can’t wait for occasions to give them out!

That’s everything that I received in my first ever Papergang subscription box, March 2016. The stationery enthusiast in me is very pleased with everything that I got, and I already can not wait for next months box!

Have you subscribed to Papergang? Are you subscribed to any other fun monthly boxes? Let me know, as always, chat to me in the comments!