This month I decided to treat myself. Let’s be honest, I do that most months, but this month more so! I decided that after thinking about doing it for a while, that I would take the plunge and subscribe to Birchbox. I had seen people writing about these, but couldn’t decide if it was worth it or not… I now see it’s worth.

I was super excited to see this come through the door, I think a lot of the excitement came from not knowing what I was about to unbox. The theme of this month’s box was ‘Word Up’, with a word search printed on the front of the box, a nice little touch if you ask me! The products were then inside a little drawstring bag inside the box. I will admit, I was a little, tiny bit apprehensive about this, as I was unsure as to if the ‘samples’ I had received would be worth the £12.95 for the box, but that feeling flew away as I saw the gems inside this months box!

The first thing I picked up from inside this months box was a Colour Enhancing Lip Balm, from the brand ‘Arrow’, which is a Birchbox exclusive brand. This wasn’t just a sample either, this was the full size product, which retails for £11! This little beauty made the whole box worth it to me, as this is something I had been looking for previously, and had been eyeing up this particular one on the Birchbox website. The idea behind this lip balm is that the pigment adjusts to your pH, creating the perfect shade for your skin, it’s also super nourishing and hydrating with a minty scent and very slight tingling sensation. I am absolutely thrilled with this gem, and have been using it from the moment I opened it.

The next item from this box is the ModelCo’s More Brows. Again, this is a full size product, which retails for £13, so that’s the value of the box and some! I got this in the shade light/medium, and it’s like a mascara for your brows? As I have rather dark and full brows naturally I am not familiar with brow products, and was intrigued by this. It’s got a tiny little wand applicator and brushes through your brows like mascara. It’s got a mascara like consistency and dries hard. It’s supposed to give you fuller, thicker brows, but as I said, mine are full and thick naturally, so I didn’t really see much difference with this… I think this will be handed to my mum to try, as she really is lacking in the eyebrow department!


Up next is the Doux Me Comforting Face Mask & Exfoliator. I can’t wait to try this, it smells gorgous, and from the little tester on my hand it feels amazing too! This contains marshmallow and apricot oil, which will probably explain the amazing smell. It has little scrub particles to allow you to exfoliate whilst using this mask, but they aren’t too harsh, so this would be great for sensitive skin too. I got a sample size of this product, but I can see myself getting a fair few uses out of this! The full size retails for £18, which I think is fairly reasonable!


In this box I also received the Beauty Protector Beauty Cream, which is a hand and body lotion. This smells absolutely incredible, like really really amazing. The sample size of this is absolutely perfect for a handbag had lotion, and it is a reasonable size, so will last a fair while for a sample! This feels amazing on the skin too, I’ve only used it a couple of times on my hands, but it leaves them feeling so silky smooth, and smelling gorgeous! The full size of this retails for £10.90, and honestly, I can imagine myself wanting this!


Following this, I also received a sample of the Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil, this is supposedly a ‘serious hydration boost’ with essential nutrients and Omegas to give your skin a happy and healthy boost. I have yet to try this out, but from the little tester on the back of my hand I can tell you that this smells lovely, and does leave the skin feeling very deeply nourished. I can’t give an in depth review or anything like that, but it feels so much deeper than a moisturiser, as it’s an oil I suppose! The full size of this retails for £58, and for that price you would want something deeply nourishing!

I also received a sample sachet of Number 4’s Reconstructing Hair Mask, this is meant to be a hair SOS, to nourish, hydrate and restore dry and damaged hair – which mine always is as I colour it so often! I think I’m going to save this for after I’ve had my hair bleached and dyed, as I didn’t get a lot and that is when I will need a serious hair SOS! The full size of this is £36, whether or not I think it will be worth that I will find out after having used it!


Finally in my March Birchbox was a detangle brush – Super, super handy! just a hand size detangle brush, perfect for throwing in your handbag to give your hair a quick brush if needed. I’m chuffed with this! Not much else I can say!

So that’s it guys, that is everything I received in my first ever Birchbox, March 2016. I definitely think all of these bits are worth more than the £12.95 I paid in total for the box, and I definitely will be staying subscribed for next months box! I am a little bit surprised that I enjoyed this so much, as I thought I wouldn’t be overly impressed and it would just be a novelty thing, but I really am happy with this.

Anyway, I’ll most likely do another unboxing style post for next months box if that’s something you would want to see? Have you subscribed to Birchbox yourself? Would you? or are you subscribed to any other monthly boxes? Let me know, chat to me in the comments!