This excites me a lot. I mentioned how excited I was about this palette in my recent Makeup Revolution Haul, and everything I said there still stands true. I rate Makeup Revolution eyeshadows quite highly, for value for money they are absolutely amazing. 32 shades in one palette for £8? Can you complain, really? 

This palette is the fourth in the line of Makeup Revolution’s ‘Flawless’ eyeshadow palettes, and I am thrilled to own them all. I have previously spoken about the Flawless Eyeshadow palettes, and I do really love them all. They all contain such a variety of incredibly wearable shades, and this one is no exception.


There is a great choice of both matte and shimmery shades in the palette, allowing for a diverse range of looks, the combinations are endless with this gorgeous little thing. What I also adore about the flawless palettes is the size of the mirror which comes in it, it’s enormous for a mirror in a palette, and comes in so useful! (In order to stop it getting smeary and covered in eyeshadow I keep the plastic inside the palette)

I am a sucker for a brown/gold eye, and as you can see, this palette has a great choice of those shades, in fact, most of this palette is warm colours – my personal favourite – all the way to the cranberry shades in the top corner! Those do scare me a little bit, but using them sparingly I’m certain they will be wearable and gorgeous!

DSC_0120 copy
Shades in the Flawless 2 palette.
DSC_0119 copy
Names of the shades in the Flawless 2 palette.

This palette has an amazing range of highlight shades, perfect for the brow bone and inner corner of the eye, they’re really illuminating and look absolutely stunning. The lightest colour in the palette ‘Pure’ is a matte white, and is lovely as a highlight for the brow bone on my pale skin! The shimmery highlight colours are also beautiful, my personal favourite of these being ‘Shine’.

I personally see myself getting the most wear out of the middle brown shades, such as ‘Triumph’, ‘Complete’ and ‘Overcome’, but mostly ‘Faultless’, I think this shimmery golden shade is absolutely gorgeous, and I will probably have to try my best to not wear it every single day. The temptation will be there!

first 4 columns in order
Swatches of the first four columns in order.
last 4 columns in order
Swatches of the last four columns in order.

For the price you pay, I’m really impressed with the quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows, for simply rubbing my finger in there a bit, the payoff is decent. Some shades undeniably come out better than others, but I feel that is unavoidable. As for duration, I can only judge from the other Makeup Revolution Flawless palettes I have, as I have not yet used this enough to tell, but if the formulas are true to previous palettes, then there will be no disappointment from me. I’m not going to say something along the lines of “these are the best, so perfect, last all day and all night, wow, 10/10”, but for someone who realistically wears makeup throughout their day and takes it off in the evening, it lasts impressively long, for what it is. I can put this on before work (7am) and it will last me a good 10-12 hours before they start getting smudgy (and I’m sure a decent eye primer would solve that anyway!).

Flawless 2.

To conclude, I totally recommend this, and any of the Makeup Revolution Flawless palettes, they are amazing value for money, and as I said at the start of this, 32 shades in one palette for £8? Can you complain, really?

(ps. you can buy it here.)