I am a lover of this whole Adult Colouring and colour therapy thing, it’s something that I have been really enjoying doing, quite regularly. It’s so relaxing, calming and therapeutic, I love everything about it. It probably also helps that I am a design and illustration enthusiast. Having studied graphic design in college, I still have an appreciation for all things artsy. 

I have mentioned previously my love for this trend, in an older post here, where you can see my appreciation of Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom and Tropical Wonderland, I’m still loving both of these, and Was absolutely thrilled what I came across the newest addition to her colouring books: Wild Savannah.


Anyone who is familiar with Millie Marotta would recognise her style from a mile away, inspired by nature and wildlife her work shows nature in nature,  I think that this is a beautiful concept, and her illustrations truly are gorgeous. She frequently builds animal portraits in her illustrations made of floral details, in fact, most of her illustrations are made up of floral details. It’s clear to see the clear appreciation and slight obsession with all things flora and fauna in her work.

As the title of Millie Marotta’s third book would indicate, ‘Wild Savannah’, the theme this book of wonderful illustrations follows is that of the African Savannah, with wonderful pieces such as the Lion portrait, leaping Gazelles and beautiful foliage seen below. Some pieces, such as the foliage pattern occupy an entire double page spread, giving so much detail for you to concentrate on and colour, whereas others, such as the gazelles, leave much more white space. There is such a variety within Marottas books, the attention to detail throughout is outstanding.


I haven’t actually started colouring this book in yet, I haven’t finished either of the other two yet either… Although we all know I won’t finish those before starting this, being in the middle of three at once is way more fun! I like to colour these in with fine liner pens, I feel that the fine tip of the pen allows me to pay super close attention to detail, ensuring all the tiny bits are filled with colour. I personally do not enjoy colouring these with pencils, but colouring pencil has always been a medium I do not enjoy! There is a science behind why colouring books are so therapeutic and relaxing, something to do with the small areas and concentration on details. I believe this concentration allows the brain to focus on one thing, causing relaxation or something, I could be way off the mark though!

I adore these books, and I adore Millie Marotta’s illustration work. I would completely recommend these books to anyway wanting some sort of relaxing and therapeutic release. If you’re into the colour therapy thing and haven’t yet got one of Millie Marotta’s books, I would say you’re missing out, give them a go, they’re so beautiful.

Are there any super cute illustration books that you know of that I’m missing out on? do you know the real science behind why these are so relaxing? Let me know, chat to me in the comments!