I was absolutely thrilled when Makeup Revolution released their new Flawless 2 palette, so much so that I had to go out and buy it straight away. There was a problem with this plan though, I could only buy it online, which meant I inevitably purchased more than I intended to…Β 

So getting straight into this, the first thing that was virtually placed into my virtual basket was the Flawless 2 palette. I was so super excited when I saw this was being released, and I was gutted when I couldn’t get hold of it in store, but as a plan B ordering it online was acceptable. I will undoubtedly do a post dedicated to this, maybe with swatches and stuff (would you want to see that?) because I really could go on forever about how great the Makeup Revolution Flawless eyeshadow palettes are! All of the colours are so wearable, really pigmented, super great value for money, and there’s 32 shades in one palette! Can it get much better than that?

Next up was the Duo Face Sculpt, I had seen this on Makeup Revolution’s Instagram, and thought it looked really cool. I’ve been wanting a matte finish contour and highlight, as all of the powdered ones I have are shimmery, and I don’t seem to get on very well with cream ones. This comes in a huge pan, it’s a really decent size and I have been really enjoying using this! With a big fluffy brush you can swirl the two sides together for an all over powder, but with a contour and highlight brush, you can apply the sides separately, so it’s like a three in one?! I’m excited by this.

I have no actual need for these, but I was intrigued by their design. These are the ‘Amazing Care’ lipsticks. They have a lipstick colour core with an Argan Oil balm like casing. These looked pretty interesting to me, and I was curious to find out how they came out and if they really do take ‘Amazing Care’ of the lips. I picked these up in the shades ‘Happy lips love nude’ and ‘Happy lips love red’, so just your typical nude and red lip colours. They are definitely interesting to look at, and as you would most likely expect, the colours don’t come out super bright, the red is more pink, and the nude is very nudey, but I guess time will tell if they take amazing care of my lips or not!

And finally, not that I need any more lipstick at all, I got another! This is in the shade ‘Looking Ahead’ and it’s sooooooo pretty. Again, I had seen this on Makeup Revolutions Instagram and had admired it from afar, thinking that although it’s pretty I probably wouldn’t buy it, as I repeat, I do not need any more lipsticks, but when it’s like Β£3 and this pretty can you say no? really? I don’t think so. This smells like coconut, which may be nice for some people, I personally don’t like coconut, but I can get past that as it’s such a pretty shade.

There we have it, that’s all I picked up from my mini splurge on Makeup Revolution’s website, I’m excited to be trying new things as always and hope you have enjoyed this little haul. As I said, I will likely do a post dedicated to the Flawless 2 eyeshadow palette (which is amazingly gorgeous), is this something you would want to see? sometime soon perhaps? Let me know, as always, chat to me!