I was recently asked if I had tried the new Maybelline Dream Blender, which I had not. This inevitably resulted in me going out to purchase it to try it. In Superdrug the Maybelline counter was on a 3 for 2 offer, so I also picked up a couple of other bits from Maybelline’s ‘dream’ collection.Β 

I have never really been a big fan of Maybelline products, I will admit that I haven’t tried a great deal, which is probably why I’ve never loved anything of theirs. My recent purchases however have changed this.

I’m going to start off with the Maybelline ‘Dream Velvet’ foundation. I tested this in both the shades ‘natural’ and ‘ivory’, I typically would have gone for the lighter option of ‘natural’ but this was out of stock, so I picked up the ‘ivory’ one, which is honestly only a tiny smidge darker. I have never used a foundation that is as true to it’s name as this one is, when it says ‘Dream Velvet’ it really is dreamy and velvet like. This is the softest, smoothest most velvety foundation I have ever used, and it feels so luxurious on the skin! A little of this stuff really goes a long way, you only need like a pea sizes amount to cover the face, or mine at least, and it gives a pretty good coverage! Rather than a liquid, this is more like a creamy consistency, which I was dubious about at first, but I love it. I am overall really pleased with this, and very glad that I picked it up. I do think that this could replace my usual foundation!


Next up is the “Dream Lumitouch” highlighting concealer, I’m not overly impressed with this one, I mean, it does the job, it conceals, it highlights, but it isn’t exceptional, I wouldn’t declare this to be a ‘dream’ like the foundation is. Really it’s just your typical drugstore concealer, and if I’m getting a typical drugstore concealer, I’ll get the collection lasting perfection, because that stuff is amazing. The applicator is nothing exceptional either, twist one end and the product comes out of the other within the brush. I will say it highlights very nicely, under my eyes this is lovely as it has that highlighting factor, but this really isn’t all that amazing in my opinion. Also, I’ve had this for under a week and all of the print on the packaging has come off, so I’m glad I took the photo when I just got it!


Lastly we have the “Dream Blender”, this is basically a small spongey applicator on a little stubby stick. I have still yet to get into this sponge applicator, beauty blender craze, I’m more than happy with a brush, but I will admit that I really like this little thing! It’s super soft and blends really nicely, the pointed part is perfect for blending under the eyes and around the nose and the thicker part blends larger areas really well. It does take more time for me to blend nicely with this, whereas buffing my make-up in with a brush is a quicker process, but if I’ve got the time this does give a really nice finish. I wouldnt say I’m converted, I still love my buffing brush, but I’m definitely a bit more open to the idea of this now that I’ve tried it. I still think I need more time to experiment with the best way to use this, as the whole ‘sponge applicator’ thing is still new to me, as I said. It is really lovely though, and I am glad that I’ve picked it up and tried it.


So there we have it, that was my Maybelline Dream experience, 1 out of 3 is definitely dreamy, that foundation is really glorious, and I think with time I’ll come around to finding the blender a dream too. Have you tried any of the Maybelline Dream products? Let me know what you think of them or if theres any other products you would recommend for me to try.