At first I wasn’t sure if I would make doing a favourites post each month a thing, but I’ve really enjoyed doing it so far, so I think it’s safe to say that I will continue to do this each month. Here goes February!

A lot of my favourites from this month are the same as last, I haven’t done a great deal of trying new things this month or changing my routine, but there are still a couple of bits that I have been loving a lot.


    I’ve taken these pictures from my Payday Happened post, as I can assure you that the tub is no longer this clean or this full. This face mask is absolutely incredible, the assistant in Lush did an amazing job of recommending this face mask to me as it has worked absolute wonders. My skin is instantly clearer when I’ve used this, it smells amazing, feels amazing and makes my skin look amazing. I do not have a bad work to say about this, it has done everything I wanted from it and I would 100% recommend this to anyone with a similar skin type to myself (oily T-zone, blemished chin and forhead area, dry cheeks).

    As you can see here, this bottle in nearing empty, which makes me a little sad, as this gem is wonderful. This smells so wonderful, and leaves me smelling wonderful. I’ve been using this very very regularly, and layering the scent with the Moringa Body Sorbet too, this leaves me smelling and feeling great! There isn’t much else I can say about this, everyone knows how great a Body Shop shower gel is!

    I have been really into doing my colouring in my spare time this month, it’s been really relaxing and calming, and gives me some much needed ‘nothing’ time, which is always wonderful. I’ve recently picked up a new colouring book, which will most likely feature in a future post. I particularly like Millie Marotta’s books as I really enjoy her illustrations, they are all so natural, presenting nature within nature and wildlife within wildlife. I completely recommend these to anyone, it is so therapeutic.


    This is what has been occupying most of my month, besides work obviously, and I don’t regret a second of it! I have already written a post about how much I love Lego Jurassic World, and everything I said about it there still stands true, I am absolutely obsessed with it, I wish there was more time in the day for me to play it and do everything else I have to do!


    I have very recently mentioned this in my Eyeshadow blog post, but this has been very much my go to eyeshadow this month, mainly because I’ve been very lazy and this makes eyeshadow so easy, all the colours you need for a decent look are there in one little handy palette. I tend to keep this in my handbag so that I can do it in the car to save myself a couple of precious minutes! I’ve had this for a fair time now, but this month I have just been reaching for it so much more!

That’s it for this months favourites really, nothing much new, but still been loving a lot. This month has been more activities than products really, colouring, playing xbox, working, I haven’t really had the time to experiment with anything new! Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this months favourites, and hopefully there will be some newbies in there next month!