From how well my Lipstick Lovin’ blog post went, exploring my lipstick collection that seems to keep growing, I thought I would follow this up with a similar post regarding my, also ever-growing, eyeshadow collection. 

As I said about the lipsticks, to some this may be a big collection, to others it may not, but again I plan to keep this pile growing, I have a problem. As you will be able to tell from this collection, I go for similar colours a lot of the time, those being neutrals, browns, golds etc… Here goes!

First up in my eyeshadow collection is my range of Flawless Eyeshadows from Makeup Revolution. For a more in depth look at these palettes check out the above link, as I did a post dedicated to these. This little range consists of ‘Flawless’, ‘Beyond Flawless’ and ‘Flawless Matte’, each of these has 32 colours in and they’re all gorgeous! All of the good things that I said about these in the previous post remains true, I love them a lot, they’re amazing value for money, gorgeous colours and just wonderful! ‘Beyond Flawless’ has definitely become my go to palette if I’m honest!


Also from Makeup Revolution I have a smaller eyeshadow palette called ‘What You Waiting For?’ (the name of this really bugs me as it doesn’t read correctly…) I will admit that I only have this palette because it was given away for free in a deal when I picked up some eyeliner and another palette from superdrug, and who doesn’t like a freebie? When I got it at first I wasn’t expecting much, because it was free, but these are actually some gorgeous colours and I should definitely be using this more than I am, as it’s really quite lovely!


Next up is a gorgeous little palette from Sleek, I believe this is the ‘Vintage Romance’ palette and I have had this for a while now, it is clear to see which colours have been well loved and which have not been touched! It’s a shame with this palette that there are so many shades in there that I daren’t use, like the purples and blues. I think those cool colours are just way too much for my skin, warm colours look so much better on me which is why the golds have been loved so much! These are super pigmented and again amazing value for money, especially if you find a palette where you will actually get use out of all of the colours (which I have yet to find with Sleek!).


A tiny little palette that I love and lives in my cosmetics pouch is this little beauty from Bourjois. I can’t recall the name of this, but I know they sell these in a variety of tones. I got the gold and brown one as these are the colours I reach for most, I believe they also do it in a navy, green, pink and grey. This is great as it has all the shades needed to create a great smokey eye look, and it’s all in one handy palette. As I said, this lives in my cosmetics pouch, which is usually in my bag, so when I’m in a rush I can take this with me to do my eyeshadow in the car! This really is super handy, and I rate it highly! (the little applicator which comes with it is awful, but they always are so I won’t comment on that too much.)


Next up is my beloved MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette. This palette is absolutely amazing, and for the price of it I’m glad! Everything that I loved in the post linked above is still 100% true, the colours are gorgeous, highly pigmented, silky smooth, easy to apply, compliment each other really well and have the staying power of no eyeshadow I have seen before. I can apply these without a base/primer and they stay put all day… (I will admit to having fallen asleep with this on and woken up in the morning with it still looking perfect, madness!) The size of this is also great, as I mentioned in the other post, it’s relatively small, making it perfect for travel or throwing in your handbag or make-up bag. Having a 9 shade palette which is so portable is really great if you like to switch it up a bit! Anyway, I love this a lot, a lot, a lot. Totally recommend it and I definitely would invest in more palettes like this.


A small one, is Colour Pop‘s Super Shock single eyeshadow in the shade ‘Roulette’. I love a good black eyeshadow, and that’s certainly what we have here! What I said about this in the above linked first impressions post still stands true, it’s really silky soft and super highly pigmented. There’s not much else I can say about this other than I rate it highly.


Finally is MUA’s palette, which I do not recall the name of… This palette looks like it would be gorgeous, those colours are beautiful. However, I can not express how completely disappointed I was with this, I know it’s a cheap palette so you can’t expect much, but i would at least expect the colours to actually show up. In order to get any pigment from these you have to really dig at it, then layer up 20+ times on the eyelid. When you’ve done this it does look lovely, but you really shouldn’t have to dig out the pigment… I wouldn’t recommend this at all. The only thing I like about this is the colour of the product in the packaging, because it really doesn’t come out like that.


Well, that’s it for my growing eyeshadow collection so far, I hope you have enjoyed this look into my make-up box, as you can see, I have many un-used sponge applicators! Let me know if you want to see more things like this as I really enjoy writing these. As always, chat to me in the comments, let me know what you think!