It’s no secret that I am a lover of lipsticks, no make-up look is complete without the right lipstick. So I thought that as I love my ever growing collection of lipsticks/creams/glosses/whatever, I would share them with you in the hope that you love them too. 

I believe I’ve got a good range here, some high end, some drug store and of various prices, I like to shop around! To some, this collection may be small, to others it may be quite a few, to me, it’s wonderful and I plan to keep adding. You will probably notice through this post that I do own a lot of similar colours, most of which being darker colours… whoops!

Let’s kick it off with the ever popular Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, you can pick these up from most drug stores and supermarkets, they’re everywhere and it’s not hard to see why. They’re very affordable, come in a great range of colours, smell amazing and are pretty decent quality! I’ve got these in the shades 01, 05, 08 and 107. 01 is the bright red, reddest of red lipsticks and is perfect for a bold red lip, did I mention how red it is? 05 is quite a bright pop pink sort of shade, I haven’t worn this in such a long time, I’m not entirely sure if it suits me! 08 is more of a nudey pink with a bit of shimmer to it, this colour looks way more natural on me and I really like it. Finally 107 is my favourite of these, it’s a darker berry tone red, which as we all know is my favourite sort of shade. I do think these lipsticks are really good, and great value for money. I will admit they don’t feel the most luxurious on your lips, but the colour pay off is really good and they do smell great, kind of like raspberries I find.

Next up, these Sleek lip products, one is a gloss, the other is a matte liquid lipstick. The bright red shade, ‘Roja Red’ is the matte liquid lipstick, the colour of this is absolutely incredible, it is so bright, and so red! The staying power of this is insane, it’s actually quite difficult to get off… however if you want it to look perfect through eating and drinking then it would need touching up.  The darker colour is ‘Phoenix Rising’ and is a gloss, it’s a gorgeous deep purple colour with a slight golden shimmer through it. This looks gorgeous either on it’s own or with a matte lip colour underneath. Obviously being a gloss means that it’s pigment is not as great, but I still adore it. Sleek products are also really great value for money and super affordable!

MAC is a brand that I think most people love, the quality of their products really is noticeable. The first thing I ever owned from MAC is one of their lipsticks, and what a great purchase it was! My first one was a matte finish in the shade ‘Sin’ and it is still one of my favourites, I will admit that it is now looking a bit stubby, but it’s been well loved! Following on from how much I adored this, I widened my MAC lipstick collection to ‘Mehr’, ‘Amorous’ (which featured in my January Favourites!), ‘Chilli’ and most recently ‘Hang Up’ (which featured in Payday Happened). If you asked me to pick a favourite, I could not, they are all so gorgeous, and feel really luxurious on the lips. I will note that although I like MAC products I am not a fan of the whole animal testing thing, this makes me very sad and I have been considering stopping shopping from MAC.

I have already published a post about these NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream products, but I shall say it again, I think these are great! The colours are gorgeous, the consistency is luxuriously creamy, they feel great on the lips, they aren’t drying, they smell amazing and have a wonderful finish. I’ve got these in the shades ‘Copenhagen’, ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Monte Carlo’ and ‘Milan’. For a more in depth opinion of these check out the post linked above. But, as a brief conclusion, these are amazing and I love them!

Colour Pop are a relatively recent addition to my lipstick collection, I published my initial thoughts on the brand in a First Impressions post, and most of what I said there stands true. They look lovely in their packaging, they smell like cookie dough, they’re smooth and easy to apply and feel luxurious on the lips. I am more a fan of the shade ‘Dalia’, the burgundy tone, than the shade ‘Nevermind’, purely because I think it suits me a little more, but I do love them both. I can’t get over how soft and smooth these are, they actually feel quite moisturising!

Finally, a couple of random bits. I’ve got a Topshop Lip Bullet in the shade ‘Wine Gum’ and I will take this opportunity to say that I do not enjoy this product at all. Although the colour is lovely, a shade that I would typically love and want to wear constantly, I just can not handle the consistency of this. It’s wet. That’s it, it’s wet. It barely adheres to the lip because it slides right off again, because it’s wet! I would definitely not recommend these at all. On the other side of the random bits, I’ve got an NYX Jumbo lip pencil, which I can not recall the shade name of, but it’s wonderful! It’s  gorgeous deep berry tone, with a shimmery finish, but not glittery. It feels lovely on the lips, it looks lovely, it stays put. This product looks gorgeous by itself or as a liner for a lipstick, either way, this is something I would totally recommend!


That’s it for my ramble about all of my lip products. I have not included my abundance of lip balms within this as it would go on forever, but is that something any of you would like to see? Are you a lip product maniac too?! Let me know!