I had heard great things about Colour Pop, however I had also heard that it was next to impossible to get hold of it in the UK. I have managed to get my hands on these few bits though! A friend of mine had managed to get a load sent to her, and was selling them on, so I was eager to get my hand in!

I got my hands on: Two matte Lippie Stix, one in the shade ‘Dalia’ and one in ‘Nevermind’, and one Super Shock eyeshadow in the shade ‘Roulette’. I would have loved to have been able to get more, but money really doesn’t grow on trees!

I thought that as this is a brand that I have never tried before, and I literally only got my hands on them today, I would share with you my first impressions of the products!

The first part of a first impression comes from the packaging really doesn’t it, and the packaging here is lovely, it’s nothing exceptionally spectacular, but it’s a crisp clean white with a matte white pattern across it. Either end of the boxes have a bold colour tab, which gives it that eye catching ‘pop’ of colour! Each tab then also has the text ‘made with love in the USA’, this then made me question the spelling of the brand, isn’t colour spelt ‘color’ in the USA? Is there an answer to my question? Anyway, the packaging also has the name of the product printed in a reflective silver print, catching the light and your eye.

Moving on, first up I’ll talk about the Lippie Stix. Although not important to their quality or appearance, they smell amazing, they have a similar scent to MAC lipsticks, kind of like a vanilla pudding or cookie dough! I found these to be really smooth and easy to apply, the shape and size of the lipstick itself makes application to easy and precise. Although they have a matte finish, they are so soft and feel really nice on the lip too, as I only got my hands on them today I can’t really give an opinion on how well they last through the day or through eating and drinking, but they look, smell and feel lovely when applied.


As I said, I got two of these, the first one in the shade ‘Dalia’, this is a gorgeous deep burgundy, wine colour. When I saw that this shade was available for me I got a little bit excited, as it is so completely my colour, and so completely gorgeous! I can see myself getting so much use out of this, and undoubtedly wanting another one, it’s so beautiful!

The second shade I picked up was ‘Nevermind’, I had my doubts about this one, as I thought that it might be a bit too dark for me, however I must say it is lovely. It’s a darkened violet colour, and honestly kind of matches the colour of my hair at the moment! I can’t see myself getting as much use out of this one, as this isn’t a colour I could wear to work, but I do love it!

I then also have the Super Shock eyeshadow in the shade ‘Roulette’, this is a matte black, and it is the blackest black of black eyeshadows that I have ever seen! That’s a good thing by the way! Again, this is so soft and smooth, feeling almost fur-like, it was a strange sensation to touch… The pigmentation of this is really great too, it comes out on the skin the blackest black of blacks, which is exactly what I want from a black eyeshadow!

That brings me to a close, unfortunately I don’t have my hands on any other Colourpop products to give you further first impressions, but I can definitely imagine that I will be after more in the future. I really would like to try their liquid lipsticks as I have heard so many wonderful things about them!

Have any of you used Colourpop before? or have you got a coveted brand that you can’t quite get your hands on? Let me know, let’s have a chat in the comments!