It was suggested to me that as well as doing blog posts on the make-up products that I purchase and what I think about them, to actually do a post about what I do with them on my face… how elegantly worded. Anyway, I have followed up that suggestion and decided to share my made up face with you, and how I make it up.


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 23.15.40

With this look, I will admit that I went a little over the top! This was a make-up look for a christmas occasion, so I wanted to go a little bit mad, but I wasn’t intending on it being quite so dark! Never mind that though, can you ever really be too dark? I like how this came out.

For my face I have used Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade Light Porcelain, and Collection lasting perfection concealer in the shade medium. To set and mattify this I have used my Mac Studio Fix powder in the shade C3. I very often just wear the powder alone as this gives me pretty good coverage, but when I want a look to stay, I will build my base. Not that this particular picture does it much justice, but my blush, bronzer and highlighter are all from the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar palette, which I love.

Eyes wise (I love saying that) I have used the Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless palette, which is a beauty! I have published a blog post previously on this palette here. The shades from this palette that have been used here are Warm Grey, Stone Grey, Nightfall and Blackest. Stone Grey is the all over lid shade, Warm Grey is in the inner corners, Nightfall has been used in the crease and Blackest was the outer corner shade. I love the dramatic look this has created, although darker than intended, I still love it. The eyeliner I have used here is MUA’s Matte Liquid Eyeliner. This is such a cheap liner, and works really well. It has since dried up and did go a bit clumpy, but when it was new, it was lovely. I’ll know in future to use it all up quickly. The mascara I have used here is Maybelline’s Lash Sensational. Jumping on the bandwagon here, this mascara is insanely good. I love it. Again, this picture does not really do it any justice thanks to the ridiculous angle of my selfie. Who thought that was a good angle? Here is also a good time to point out that my brows have not been touched, they are that thick and dark naturally, a blessing or a curse?

Finally, the lip colour I am wearing here is are NYX’s Jumbo Lip Pencil in the shade Narcisse, this was a christmas gift from my mother, and I love it! She knows how much I love a dark lip colour!



Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 20.44.54

This is the sort of look that I go for most days, it’s soft and more subtle, but still quite pretty and made up. I tend to go for similar colours most days, golds, browns, burgundys, those warmer toned colours

For my face here I have used Laroc’s contour palette, the colours in this palette are creams, which is still a bit of foreign ground to me when it comes to contouring, I’m too used to my powder bronzer! Anyway, I tried it, and I think it came out okay, nothing too dramatic, very subtle. I have also used my trusty Mac Studio Fix Powder in C3, I’ll be honest, I use this every day.

Eyes wise (again, still cool to say) I have used Mac’s Burgundy Times Nine palette, which I have completely fallen in love with. I have published a post about this palette here. The shades I have used for this look are Honey Lust, Poppyseed, Quarry and Antiqued. Poppyseed is the all over lid shade, with quarry worked into the creases and the outer side of the eyelid. Honey Lust has been used to highlight the inner corners and Antiqued has been built up in the crease and outer corners. I think I also did a light dusting of Sketch on the outer edges. The eyeliner used here is Rimmel’s Scandaleyes gel eyeliner, this is incredible stuff, glides onto the eye so smoothly and gives a gorgeous finish, this is now my go to liner. Mascara, yet again is Maybelline’s Lash Sensational, which is still amazing. Again, the brows are natural, I rarely do anything with them because they’re so dark naturally.

Finally, the lip colour I have used here is NYX Matte lip cream in the shade Copenhagen. I have previously posted about NYX’s matte lip creams here. I absolutely love this lip colour and the matte finish. I tend to go for a darker lip colour most days, it’s just what I feel suits me.


I’m going to leave it at two looks, I don’t want to bombard you with my face. Let me know what you’ve thought of this, it’s a little different from me, but I would be interested to know if you’ve liked this or want me to do more posts like this in the future? Please do let me know.

Make-up is really just a bit of fun for me, I take it wherever it wants to go, as the first look demonstrates, but I have quite enjoyed writing this for you.