I did a little bit of naughty online shopping, and picked myself up some gorgeous looking matte lip creams from NYX. I do quite like a matte lip, and have never tried any NYX products before, so I was a little excited for these to arrive. 

I picked four of these little beauties up, in four rather different shades. Although I prefer darker shades, they aren’t always appropriate, so I like to have access to a variety. I picked these up in the colours ‘Copenhagen’, ‘Monte Carlo’, ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Milan’.

Before I go into talking about each one, I’ll show you swatches; ‘Copenhagen’, ‘Monte Carlo’, ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Milan’. Thanks go to Summer for letting me use her gorgeously tan arm for these.


My favourite of the four is ‘Copenhagen’, this is the darkest of the colours I picked up, but I believe that there is a shade darker than this available. This is a gorgeous deep berry colour, my absolute favourite to use. This one has definitely had the most use out of the lot so far, I’m in love. It looks a lot darker in the tube than it does on the skin, so it’s not as scary as the packaging might make it look.


Next is ‘Monte Carlo’, this is a really rich red colour, when this is built up on the lip it is gorgeous, a real classic red look. What I like about this red lip is that it’s not too bold and intrusive, which I find a lot of red shades to be. It’s not subtle either, but just sits comfortably on my made up face. I like that it’s still a little bit on the dark side too.

Another red shade that I picked up was ‘Amsterdam’, this is your big bold and loud red lip, with an ever so slight orange tone within it. This one definitely stands out more than the other, and I’m not so sure how much use I will get out of this, but I’ll try my best to fit it into my make-up look for something! Maybe a night out sort of look if I’ve gone for a really dark eye… We shall see.

Finally, the last colour I picked up was ‘Milan’, here is where I have encountered a little problem with online shopping for make-up. Online, this looked like a much more of a nude pink shade, whereas in reality, it is pop pink, like woooow that’s pink. I’m not sure how I will get any use out of this, as pink really doesn’t suit me… I mean, it’s still really pretty, I just don’t think it will suit me so much.

The applicator that these come with is super soft, and allows the soft silky cream to glide onto the lips lusciously, however, it must be said that from something called a ‘precise tip applicator’, it is not precise. It’s a little bit big, and makes it really difficult to follow your natural lip line without going over onto the skin or forming a ridiculous line around your mouth. This definitely can not be applied quickly. If you have the time to apply this properly though, it does look absolutely gorgeous.


I’m really impressed with the staying power of these, I can apply once at the start of my day and have no need to touch up throughout the day, that’s with eating and drinking. I do find with some matte lip colours, like Sleek’s ‘Matte Me’ for example, they need touching up a fair bit, but that has not been the case here!

Overall I am really pleased and impressed with these little beauties, and can imagine my collection of them growing in the future. The range of colours offered is immense, so I’m a little spoilt for choice! As my first experience with NYX I’m very happy, and will likely look for more products from this brand, hopefully they will be as good!