Any excuse to get back to my digital design work, I will. I love all things arty, if you didn’t know that already, and have been continuing to develop my digital graphics skills.

I created this Winter Woodland with help from the ever wonderful tutorial website DesignTuts, this site is my absolute favourite and I have gained so many skills from following their tutorials, which ultimately I can put to use when creating my own graphics for whatever purpose!

I personally prefer to work with 2D vector graphics, I find that they have the nicest outcome when completed. I have attempted 3D graphics before, and it was just a major fail, so I’ve left that in the past… or at least until I have a more advanced understanding of illustrator.

I am really pleased with how this little bit has turned out, I know I followed a tutorial for it, so it doesn’t really show that I have many skills, but if I’m being completely honest with you, I didn’t follow the tutorial methods, I just followed the images to come out with something similar… What I would like to do with this next is to create a seasonal set, so a different woodland scene for each season, which will involve changing the colours, obviously, but I would also like to change the tree designs to suit the seasons (Fir trees aren’t very summery really are they?).

Within this post I am also compiling other digital graphics I have created recently. When I was in college I hated digital design and much preferred traditional methods, however I have recently learned how to use many features of Adobe CS. I was already very familiar with Photoshop, and had a basic knowledge of Illustrator and Indesign, however I would definitely say that this has now grown a fair bit.

The below images are in order from the earliest creation to the most recent. Most of these have their own blog post, from when I first created this space, but I wanted to put them all together and let you guys see what I’ve learned!




animal icons





winter woodland

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these little works of mine, I have done much more, but they definitely aren’t worthy of being published! Hopefully I shall progress further and be able to share more of this sort of stuff with you!