I am a Body Shop addict, that’s no secret! My severe love for their products does however mean that I have a growing collection of bath and shower products overflowing in a basket on my bathroom shelf…   

You guys will likely already know of my love for The Body Shop’s Seaweed Skincare range, as I’ve already posted about that, it’s wonderful and has been doing wonders for my face! This however is not the only of their products which I am head over heels for, as so many of their ranges have amazing scents and are just glorious to use!

One of my favourites of The Body Shops ranges is the Early Harvest Raspberry range, I’ve been through about 5 of the shower gels, 3 of the body scrubs and 3 of the body butters… I’ve also recently re-purchased all three of them again as I recently finished them all! Unfortunately this isn’t one of their constant product ranges, and I only get the chance to re-stock when their sale is on, which happens to be now! The scrub honestly just looks like mashed raspberries, if I didn’t know better I would totally want to eat it! The exfoliating factor of this scrub is the raspberry seeds, which feels really quite lovely.


Next we have a very recent range, the Frosted Plum christmas 2015 range, within this range I have the shower gel, body lotion, sugar scrub and lip balm. The shower gel, body lotion and lip balm were gifts from my boyfriends lovely mum, who completely spoiled me for christmas this year! I feel that I should mention that last year she also got me The Body Shop 2014 christmas range, which was Frosted Cranberry and I loved every drop of that! I was also lucky enough to receive a gift card, with which I picked up the sugar scrub to match! The smell of this is just glorious, and as with every other product from The Body Shop, feels amazing to use! I have not yet tried the sugar scrub, but from what previous sugar scrubs, I know it will be equally amazing.


I also still have a couple of bits left from the 2012 christmas range, which was Ginger Bread, this was probably my favourite of all The Body Shop’s christmas ranges, as I really love the warm cinnamon-ey scents. I still have my hands on the body butter and soap, these probably are not actually safe to use anymore as I’ve had them so long, but I really can not bring myself to throw them away. With this range I also had the shower gel, exfoliator and body lotion, but used them pretty much immediately. 


Another of my favourite Body Shop Scents is the Madagascan Vanilla, which I don’t believe they sell anymore! (correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen it in a long time!) I’ve only got the smaller sizes of the shower gel and the body lotion, I have however recently finished the body mist too. I know that they now sell a Vanilla body mist, (not entirely sure what the difference is between Vanilla and Madagascan Vanilla) so will probably pick that up some time soon!


Finally, from The Body Shop I’ve also got this set of mini shower gels. This set was a gift from my dear friend Emily, who I realise has given me many gifts that I adore! She really does know me very very well, it’s almost scary. I think what I love about this set most, is that it includes scents that I wouldn’t naturally pick up, it includes mango, strawberry, moringa and satsuma. I usually find that  I don’t like strawberry scented things as they are too sweet, this however is not the case here, as I find the strawberry scent very enjoyable. Satsuma happens to be my mothers favourite scent from The Body Shop, so she has been using that one more than I have, along with the body butter. I believe she also uses the oil from this range! The mango one I think i must say is my favourite from this little set, which surprises me as it isn’t one that I’ve been drawn to before, but I might have to re-purchase that in the full size when I’ve finished this mini one! I’m afraid I have not yet tried the moringa one, so can’t say much on that!


Despite what this post might lead you to believe, I do actually use products that aren’t from The Body Shop! For example, this wonderful shower gel that I picked up from asda, it’s from a brand called ‘Dolly’s Mixtures’, which I have never heard of before, but all of their shower gels are candy scented! I was drawn to it when christmas shopping for Summer, as she loves bubblegum bottles, and they had a bubble gum flavour one! I say flavour, I should say scent, but I’m sticking with flavour because they smell like I want to eat them all! So I picked up a bubble gum flavour, a fizzy cherry flavour and a candy floss flavour. I decided to keep the candy floss one for myself, and am glad that I decided to do so… It’s amazing (insert heart eyes emoji!).


Despite what I’ve said about not really being into LUSH, I have got one of these Shower Jelly pots from there.. again, this was when I was shopping for Summer, it was so cool that I had to get one for myself, my boyfriend then saw them and thought they were really cool, so I got him one too! He has since dropped his down the plug hole, so I’ve given him another one! They come in a variety of scents, I got the ‘Woosh’ one, which is lemon and lime scented with seaweed oil. What I find really cool about these, is that they also double as shampoo, and makes my hair feel absolutely amazing. I have been very impressed with these little jellies!   

Finally, filling up most of my bathroom basket is this fairly full Soap & Glory collection! I was fortunate enough to receive this whole set as a christmas gift from my boss, which I absolutely adore! This set includes ‘The Scrub of Your Life’, ‘Glad Hair Day’, ‘Hand Food’, ‘Genius Heels’, ‘Clean on Me’ and ‘The Righteous Butter’. It also came with a shower lily and a great little wash bag carry case sort of thing. I’m so super grateful for this gift, but can’t really say much about it as I haven’t used any of it yet! I’ve got so many shower products, but I’ll get around to it, eventually!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather long post about my Bathroom Basket, which is seriously overflowing… I need to stop buying new shower products… It’s becoming a problem!

What are your go to, or most used shower products? Do you have a preferred scent when it comes to shower gels? Got any suggestions to add to my growing collection? Let me know!