Is it possible to fall in love with an eyeshadow palette? I think it might be, because I have! The shades in this palette are so gorgeous, offering a range of wonderful combinations.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for MAC Cosmetics from a wonderful aunt of mine, who is likely to read this. So if you are Sue, this is what I got! It cost £30, which for a palette of MAC shadows I think is a fair price, you’re definitely paying for quality here.

The colours in this palette, from top left across to bottom right are: Honey Lust, Poppyseed, Quarry, Antiqued, Embark, #Noir, Haux, Star Violet and Sketch.


All of the colours in this palette are of a warm red/burgundy tone, as the name would suggest. I personally much prefer to wear warm colours, I’m quite pale and have red hair, so warm colours just suit me so much better, and compliment my blue eyes quite nicely. I also really enjoy wearing dark makeup, not that I get the chance to very often, working in an office, and the darker colours in this palette are stunning. All of these darker colours are beautifully burgundy toned, with Sketch being the darkest, most wonderful deep burgundy shimmer shade.

Having said that, there are some really pretty lighter shades included in this palette, including Honey Lust, which is a light golden shade. The one colour in this palette that I am most excited by however is Antiqued, which is a gorgeous coppery bronze sort of shade, but with a red tone, it is so so pretty!

#Noir is a strange colour to me, it’s black, but also gold, it’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but intriguing at first glance. If I hold the palette one way, it’s black, but if I hold it another, the golden shimmer stands out. I feel that this would make a gorgeous liner colour.

As well as the lovely range of colours, there is also a range of finishes included within this palette. Quarry and Embark have a smooth matte finish, whereas Antiqued and Star Violet have a veluxe pearl finish. Honey Lust has a lustre finish, Haux has a satin finish and #Noir and Sketch have a velvet finish. What a great selection!

I think a feature of this palette that is worthy of note is its size, it is really small, thus making it a perfect travel or handbag size, if you’re the sort of person that takes makeup on the go, and want to keep a good variety of colours on you, then a x9 palette is a great idea. Compare it to the size of my hand, it’s super tiny, and adorable.


Also, for reference, I would like to point out the difference of the colours when I took photos with flash and without, I feel like this is important to note, as obviously things appear different in different sorts of light.



Overall, I am super happy with this little palette, the wonderful range of gorgeous colours included, the super handy size, the range of finishes and the classic packaging, I think this is a total winner. Hopefully you do to!

I think I might make a post of a makeup look with this palette, is that something you guys would be interested in seeing? do let me know!